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Opinions vary to an extraordinary degree. I don’t know why this surprises me but it always does, in all aspects of life. For writers reviews are a staple ingredient and one that is an emotional minefield. Reading them before purchase can influence the outcome. After all, reviews are a good indication of what might be found before money is handed over. I generally read them to get a feel for the content. Am I swayed by what I read? Not always but they provide a good base for decision making.

Lately though I have read a number of freebies (thanks to the generosity of authors over this Covid 19 period) and have had the opportunity to download books I might not normally have read. It has made me wonder just what good reading is. We are all so different as the varying opinions in reviews demonstrates.  However what surprises me the most is the huge difference in what bothers people. As an author I need to know so I can improve so I am always grateful for feedback. As a reader myself I tend to forgive a lot that others don’t. For me, the story and the character connections override everything else. What bothers you? Let me know because I am working hard on the second book in my series and could use the input. Meanwhile here’s a few books I have enjoyed.

Tonic by [Staci Hart]Tonic Starci Hart

This had so many mixed reviews that it really made me question myself. I loved the banter, the story line. It made some good points about reality shows and the way they are staged, and the book also shone a bit of insight on the appeal of tattoos. I have one, a ridiculously small one, so I found it interesting to know what makes people go back for more. And I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. We had hot but we also had strong emotions hooking the reader in hard. Will I read the next one? Haven’t decided but did I enjoy this one – absolutely.

The Huntress: The gripping international bestseller, perfect for fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz by [Kate Quinn] The Huntress – Kate Quin (drama/war)

Love to hear from someone who has read this. It was a book club choice so was picked for me. There is a lot to recommend it, in particular the use of the lakes to draw things together and the varying points of view, the seriousness of the theme and of course the writing itself. It did bother me  a little that the plot was predictable, but I would love to see what others thought about this band of Nazi hunters.

Heart Of Fire (Legends of the Storm Book 1) by [Bec McMaster]Heart of Fire (Legends of the Storm Book 1) –  Bec McMaster  (paranormal)

I thoroughly enjoyed this first book of the Legends of the Storm with its wonderfully developed characters, great pace and a plot that kept me glued to the page. Rurik is the kind of dragon any woman would love to face in his lair, and Freya a worthy recipient of his attention. It has action and sexy leads, but it also has emotional depth and that warmth serves to connect. Bring on the next book.

A New Leash on Love (Rescue Me Book 1) by [Debbie Burns]A New Leash on Love (Rescue me 1) – Debbie Burns (contemporary romance)

Though this romance highlighted the plight of animals and is set around a dog shelter, it also delves into the arena of loss, and the differing reactions people have when they lose a loved one. Megan and Craig provide a solid degree of hotness and emotions, so connection is easy and the book enjoyable.

Where the Lost Wander: A Novel by [Amy Harmon]Where the Lost Wander – Amy Harmon (historical romance and more)

I am pretty sure I have read every book this author has written and every single time I find myself in awe of the beautiful story, the beautiful depiction of the characters, the sensitive handling of subjects and the simplicity and yet eloquent use of language. There is a love story, but this isn’t a romance; it is a drama about families and those rare individuals who manage to transcend tragedy because they retain their humanity.

The Patient Dervish (Shadownotes Book 3) by [L.J.K. Oliva]The Patient Dervish (Shadownotes Book 3) – L.J.K. Oliva (paranormal)

The wonderful imagination and the depth this author imbues into her characters never fails to appeal. The continuing saga of Emil and Puzzle has adventure, some beautifully researched history, beautifully worded descriptions, and a romantic tension that somehow is resolved yet continues to intrigue. Checking out this author’s other books will not be a letdown.

Brave Girl, Quiet Girl: A Novel by [Catherine Ryan Hyde]Brave Girl, Quiet Girl: A Novel – Catherine Ryan Hyde (drama)

Simplicity in plot, concentration on characters and their thoughts and feelings meant I read this in one sitting. I had to keep going because it tugs at heartstrings. Situations might differ but how we perceive things and the actions we take, decides whether our lives can be bearable even when we don’t think so. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Bishop Takes Knight (Redclaw Origins Book 1) – McKenna Dean (paranormal)

Bishop Takes Knight (Redclaw Origins Book 1) by [McKenna Dean]

Lots of originality, humour, tension, and a nice twist on the idea of shifting shape makes this a favourite. The female lead is someone I would love to be, someone who finds the courage when it is needed, and he is reluctant, moody, and tortured but has enormous pull on the heartstrings. I love the vintage feel to the cover and can’t wait for the next in the series. This particular book has picked up a few awards and they are well deserved.

I featured this author on my blog some time ago so feel free to click on the link and check out some of her other books.


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  1. It took me FAR too long to come here and check out this post–I blame it on the day job! I love the mix of books you have here and your descriptions have intrigued me enough to check them out! I’m pleased and honored to see Bishop Takes Knight here among the rest–thanks for the shoutout!

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