Should I, should you?

I think one of the most difficult things we face these days is deciding on things.  We have too many choices, our kids have too many choices and I have to wonder if we are sacrificing quality thinking for what we think of as freedom of choice.  We are too quick to say no, or…… Continue reading Should I, should you?

For the Italians out there, do you remember this one?

  I am loving the idea of sharing the music that I hear when writing.  Notice I said hear and not play?  I don’t really even know why I make the associations but something about the essence of the characters is locked up in my mind with a particular song.  Next thing I find myself…… Continue reading For the Italians out there, do you remember this one?

The consistency Equation

Not so long ago I attended a function. As often happens at this sort of event we had speakers. One in particular impressed me because the discussion was along the lines of something I have been thinking a lot about lately. I mean I have been having some deep and meaningfuls with the person in…… Continue reading The consistency Equation