Chilling Corner for July and August 2023 with a spotlight on The Hare and the Tortoise and a box of chocolate.

July flew for me but not in the right way. It reminded me of  Aesop’s fable about the hare and the tortoise. Do you remember this one? The moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race, or that overconfidence can lead to failure. Outcomes depends on choices, on how one looks at life and the chocolate you choose in that box that is offered to you. Am I mixing metaphors, fables, ideas or just trying to confuse people?

Truth is I have been both the hare and the tortoise at the same time and suffered the consequences of what I like to politely call non-achieving of goals. To make matters worse this huge box of chocolates appeared in my thoughts out of nowhere. Not true. I watched Forest Gump and somehow my brain connected the chocolate to the fable. Are you more confused? Try being inside my head.

Although, in chocolate’s defence, watching Forest Gump helped me wake up, admit to having a problem and got me back on task. You see, in July, I had officially become a procrastinator. By August I realised I had a problem. The steps to recovery begin with admitting the problem, analysing why it exists and then  actively seeking a solution.

The first part is simple. Nerves, self-doubt crept in, and took over. Writing is such a frustrating journey and as an Indie Author, it is also a lonely one. I see so many others move forward. They were hares and I was a tortoise. Yet in the fable the tortoise wins so why was I not winning. On reflecting I realised that these people were part tortoise because they were slow and steady and were winning. What was the difference? They were also part hare and had in fact embraced the idea but with care. As a consequence, they kept moving but clung to the tortoise ideals and crossed the finish line.

However, I apparently don’t know how to be both. I get bogged down with slow and lose confidence that my legs will ever carry me that swiftly. And then, the box of chocolates entered the equation. I suddenly realised I was a chocolate. Until I come out of the box no one will know my flavours. Subsequently I had to revise my thinking. My job is to look as appealing as I can for who I am and not wonder about who is being chomped on while I sit there. Wondering costs time and energy. As a result of wondering, I have entered procrastination land and become overwhelmed. I guess the moral of this tale isn’t about the fable or watching Forest Gump. It’s about the fact, falling into self-doubt is a sickness and it must be addressed before it goes any further.

So, I am combining July and August. More on Forest Gump below and as for the hare and the tortoise, I say thank you to Aesop’s wisdom and the inspiration it has given me. This quote sums up the recovery process very well.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is gift. That is why it is called the present.

(Eleanor Roosevelt).

Barb’s news:

My books

Read the above. I am almost there with this second novel in my series, Unexpected Love. Book 2, Unexpected Passion is finished, been proofread and is now in the formatting process. Quite truthfully, I am not very good with technology and this in turn is not helped by some health issues. Hopefully, the end of September (sooner if possible) I will have a finished product.

The world around me

Formatting has taken up most of my energy, so I have not done much that is interesting except go to work, tutor, and go to sleep. This seems true on the surface, but I realised I still take note of things and especially people around me. How to best use this? Why not do something different. I follow lots of bloggers. Susan is one of my favourites of those reviewer/bloggers as she always has some interesting and appealing books, and her personality seems to shine through her words. Don’t ask how but it just does.

Susan Loves Books also has some great images and quirky sayings she often shares on her blog. I love the idea of sharing them with you. They are so lovely, cheering, inspiring and too often very funny. They snap me out of my moods. Thank you, Susan

 Books I’ve read and Films I watched.

Darker than Midnight – Maggie Shayne

This was so easy to read and had a great plot and wonderful characters. Though crime is not my usual genre I really enjoyed the change of pace. It was the right way to chill while I worked on my edits. The book flowed so easily. This author knows how to keep the reader turning the page.

Slaying the Shadow Prince (An enemies to lovers fantasy romance) – Helen Scheurerer

Though part of a series written with other authors, this was my favourite. Helen Scheurerer’s ability to write so beautifully in such a different genre is amazing. This is sexy and hot whereas all of her previous books, also fantasies are more concerned with the female lead gaining in strength.

All her books are wonderful reads from The Oremere Chronicles, the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet and the new for me, The Legends of Thezmarr. For now, though, back to this one: I loved it.

Forest Gump

I have seen it a million times, but there is one line in the film that draws me back in, every single time. ‘I know what love is, Jenny.’ We underestimate people and forget people can be so much more if we let them be themselves. I’m always glad Jenny gives him that moment of recognition.

Forest Gump’s mother always said life is like a box of chocolates. She was right. You take a chance when you bite into it. You never know what you are going to get and sometimes that’s a wonderful thing.

Alla prossima,


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    • Lovely to see you Diane, or hear from you I guess lol. The film has such lovely moments. Sometimes you don’t have to win prizes for what you achieve, you just nee to create special moments and Forest Gump certainly does.

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