Greatness, not an easy place to find

  This post I  warn you now, has a great deal of referencing to other people.  Normally I try  to avoid  too much of this but I really wanted to show the sorts of things that influence my thoughts particularly on this topic. The thing is, having published is a wonderful experience but reality is showing…… Continue reading Greatness, not an easy place to find

Another week or a wine down the track

Whilst still high on cloud nine that we managed to handle self-publishing a few other things have also impacted on me, this week.  It has been timely because at some stage, reviews will come in, and reality will say hello.  Don’t misunderstand. I have no misgivings about our efforts in creating Stories of the Dark…… Continue reading Another week or a wine down the track

Released July 2016: Stories of the Dark and Light

  STORIES OF THE DARK AND LIGHT Presents Barbara Strickland:  A mysterious Watcher whose good intentions go awry…  in The Narrow Hallway Alyson Walton:  The forbidden love of elven assassins, a road leading to new experiences and a creature greedy for destruction in The Assassin’s Joy The Assassin’s Tears Welcome Home, Mistress The Light Keeps…… Continue reading Released July 2016: Stories of the Dark and Light

Up and Running

A week after the big event and I still can’t quite grasp it.  I can call myself an author.  That might sound strange considering I have been blogging for a year but somehow the publishing of a book is so different.  Blogging has continuity; you can change your mind and rescind whatever you wrote or…… Continue reading Up and Running

Only a few more sleeps

This post is going to be a mixed bag so bear with me.  It has been a nerve-wracking time for our Wordwick3d Writer’s group as we power on to get our anthology up there in outer space where lots of aliens are waiting to eat us up and possibly spit us out.  There is so…… Continue reading Only a few more sleeps