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Sneaked a few interesting and entertaining books in this month’s Chilling Corner. These days writing is taking up more and more time. There is a need to finish my own work and not be distracted. I justify all my reading as research. I do it so often, even I believe me.

Bear in mind I don’t necessarily pick out what might be on the best-selling list. However, I enjoy ‘suspending my disbelief’ if only for a short time. My brain doesn’t shut down too often and it can be exhausting. A new world, a different one doesn’t have to be perfect. It only needs to make me believe and for a while allow that chilling out. Often, though the book may be one that has been read widely and the reviews may reflect conflict. I love to read those to see how I feel and often I do have a diverse opinion.

This month I am starting with a favourite author of mine and her new book. She is an Aussie, so a bias already exists. I have featured her and her books in a previous post  because I like the warmth her characters exude. If you like a character, you connect. Although hating a character is also a good thing – a reaction means we are in that world.

Samantha Marshall’s views on genre also interest me and I wholeheartedly agree with her view that we miss out on some wonderful reading if we don’t experiment. In a recent post where she was a guest blogger for the Australian Romance Readers Association, she shared the following:

“I, for one, don’t actually believe in genre. I never have, and I often tout to others when they ask about my work that a good book is a good book regardless of genre. That said, as an author I also understand the importance of genre as a tool to help people find books that are more likely to appeal to their broader tastes. It’s a fickle but, for now, necessary balance.”

Imagine what a shame it would be to miss out on something special because you think without the actual experience that it doesn’t tick the right boxes.

The Heart of a Shadow – Samantha Marshall

As I mentioned above, Samantha Marshall’s characters have warmth. They are also infinitely likeable. This particularly book though does have one that inspires extreme dislike to put it nicely and I am curious if it stays that way in the next book.

An Enchantment of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson

This was beautiful and a wonderful mixtures of themes. We have good over evil, and the kind of love ready to ignore differences and boundaries. I loved the idea that first, second and even third impressions are not always what we think they are.

Love is Never Lost – Kate Regnery

From my review: “He was asleep. He woke up and a lot happens after that. What I enjoyed the most were the fleeting moments of real life, of real people woven through the fairy tale.
It was impossible to dislike and left the reader with good vibes.” It was a lovely read.

Imposters in Paradise – Maxine Barry

Part crime, part romance this had a lovely pace, and an abundance of wonderful characters. There was enough action to keep the plot moving and enough romance to make me want an Ellis or a Morgan in my life. Both men deserve their women and their happy ever after.

Blood Heir – Ilona Andrews

I love the consistency to deliver an enjoyable reading this husband-and-wife team. This had many of the old characters who had gone on to other things whilst some of the younger characters are caught in old patterns but always with the hope things may change.

Educated – Tara Westover

Some incredible reviews including the fact it is a top pick for Book club reads including mine.  Words like inspiring are in many of them. I found it the total opposite. No growth in the character writing her actual memoirs at all. I would love to know the thoughts of other readers. The addition of insight from others educates us into further understanding. Too often we miss things.

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