I love living in Australia and all things Australian but I am very proud of my Italian background. It has helped create the romantic whilst the Aussie side keeps me grounded.
I have a Bachelor of  Education (English, Drama and Italian) and TESOL qualifications that allow me to do the kind of teaching I love, and three wonderful children who encourage me in my endeavours.
Music is a passion and I love all kinds.  Dancing, art and literature also rate highly but I don’t necessarily like a specific type.  I guess I have eclectic tastes in most things including food.  That romantic side of me embraces differences which is why travel and culture enthrall me and inspire me, and have done so since I was a child.
For readers who want to understand the reason I write a little more I have compiled a mission statement.

My Mission Statement

Passions are for sharing. My goal then as a self-published author is two-fold. The first is to bring enjoyment through my romance series, my poetry and anything else that I create along the way to my readers. The second is to encourage taking off one mask and replacing it with another to live your own dreams.  I am explorer looking to bring experiences alive on the page with my readers in a joint effort. As a self-confessed passionate lover of languages, cultures and travelling the construction of bridges to new worlds should be enticing and deliver a fantasy that inspires adventures in the wider world or the comfort of the home.

Carnevale Mask

Each mask has a story to tell and as long as we are telling the story we are living.