I love living in Australia and all things Australian but I am very proud of my Italian background. It has helped create the romantic whilst the Aussie side keeps me grounded.
I have a Bachelor of  Education (English, Drama and Italian) and TESOL qualifications that allow me to do the kind of teaching I love, and three wonderful children who encourage me in my endeavours.
Music is a passion and I love all kinds.  Dancing, art and literature also rate highly but I don’t necessarily like a specific type.  However having said that, don’t start me on ballroom dancing.  But, I am here on this page for a reason – my lifelong love affair with books.  It has led me to writing and between the reading and the writing I have found where I belong.
I hanker to try different genres (hence the masks) in my writing as much as I have done in my reading. Some short stories with friends have begun the process and my next step is romance.  I hope you enjoy the journey to achieving this as much as I do so please do join me watching love blossom in unexpected ways  with an Italo-Australian twist in my Unexpected series. And then…