Books and more books

Hi all and welcome to another post, Sorry if this post goes in twice guys but had some technical difficulties. Bear with me with this post as I try something new.  It won’t cost you anything but it will earn you my undying love and gratitude.  I have decided to brave some promotions. The first is…… Continue reading Books and more books

Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

Last post, among other things I discussed reviews.  For some reason many people shy away from giving these.  Some people just don’t want to commit themselves on paper, some are not sure what to write and some are just afraid to express their opinion.  I’m not an expert but I just put down what I…… Continue reading Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

The Rebellion against the letter R

I am currently plagued by the letter ‘R’.  Yes, that’s right, as in the alphabet.  Before you decide I have lost the blog post plot let me explain.  The following words start with this letter: relationships, reviews, rewrites, redo, re-upload, re-wind, release, and reputation, revising, rebellion and let’s not leave out revolution because that is…… Continue reading The Rebellion against the letter R

Self-publishing, reviews and audiences

These last couple of weeks have been very busy, too busy really and not all in a fun way.  When this happens I do what I always do and look for something to read so I can chill.  It’s what I love about reading, the fact it gives you time away from real life without…… Continue reading Self-publishing, reviews and audiences

Another week or a wine down the track

Whilst still high on cloud nine that we managed to handle self-publishing a few other things have also impacted on me, this week.  It has been timely because at some stage, reviews will come in, and reality will say hello.  Don’t misunderstand. I have no misgivings about our efforts in creating Stories of the Dark…… Continue reading Another week or a wine down the track