Love letters and the past

When I began writing my second poetry book, Emotions in Evolution, I found myself looking back at previous work, then at my life in the past and wondering how much the past does shape our future, and how does the process work. I guess, we look at what we wanted and compare it to where…… Continue reading Love letters and the past

FIT doesn’t always involve a gym

As a writer, successful or not, imagination is a key to everything we do. Without it, I for one would be stuck for a blog post. Mental imagery is what drives us, forcing us to put into words the cinema inside our head. We could call imagination a staple, much in the same way ingredients…… Continue reading FIT doesn’t always involve a gym

Originally posted on Australian Haiku Society:
campground the yellow squares of grass where summer was              Jan Dobb Jan Dobb’s haiku is imbued with a sense of nostalgia for the long carefree days of summer. Camping is an integral part of Australian family life, of the barefoot freedom of childhood…