Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

Last post, among other things I discussed reviews.  For some reason many people shy away from giving these.  Some people just don’t want to commit themselves on paper, some are not sure what to write and some are just afraid to express their opinion.  I’m not an expert but I just put down what I…… Continue reading Reviewing, not the horror you imagine

I was going through some of my earlier blogs from a previous website, and came across one I had written about paying it forward.  It seemed apt considering the last few months.  Having published my novel, I knew it would be a slow process to get readers and reviews.  Let’s face facts. The competition out…… Continue reading

Connection, the real secret is empathy

Have you ever wondered what creates a reader, a committed reader of fiction?  What qualities would a book have to offer to attract this reader? As an author we need to have some sort of insight because a reader is what it’s all about as soon as we dare put pen to paper.  I ponder…… Continue reading Connection, the real secret is empathy

Smelling the roses

My mother’s name was Rose.  These days it is an old-fashioned name and ironically acceptable because everything old is new.  It amuses me because I am Italian and tradition asks we pass names down so the trend doesn’t really apply. It is something we do, or used to do. I passed the name on to…… Continue reading Smelling the roses