Resolutions or just plain common sense

With the advent of the festive season, and the arrival of yet another new year the word happy is banded about often.  In a recent read I discovered that one of the top Google searches was the following statement – how to be happy.   My immediate thought was that I wasn’t alone in pondering this…… Continue reading Resolutions or just plain common sense

Spring blossoms

I have always been entranced by the changing seasons and the beauty they bring.  I grew up close to Centennial Park in Sydney and my parents would often take us there on a Sunday.  We would play  and they would spend the hours bent over, handkerchief on head and small knife in hand collecting what…… Continue reading Spring blossoms

Extra baggage allowance, please?

We all have different ideas on what success is. This is normal and natural so this post isn’t about definitions. It’s about what holds us back from success. I linked the quote below to the article that got me thinking and writing this post.  It resonated with me because I do use travel as a…… Continue reading Extra baggage allowance, please?

Sad movies make me cry

Cold and calculating. My God, that is fascinating. Ambivalent, or belligerent? How exciting? How very different? Time to laugh, time to smile, Emotions coming out file by file. Dear, that is so very bad, I think that character is quite mad. Please do not let him die, Oh goodness me, what a terrible lie. They…… Continue reading Sad movies make me cry