Intricate patterns of clear Interwoven with butterflies and Tulips, the stain of reality for The mind represented. Colours, beautiful, so bold And catching the sight but Not the eye for The eye will recognise fragility But sight will see stained glass. Delicate, easily shattered, Fragmented into the mixed Tiny, shiny pieces that can be Subtly…… Continue reading Self-portrait

Just do it

I have decided to mix things up and today seemed as good as any day to trial it.  I have a post, a journal entry and an audio piece. The post will come first only because it inspired me to keep up the journal, and the audio is an experiment so putting it last is…… Continue reading Just do it

The Journal, my friend or foe

I have always kept a diary of sorts but as I often write scary thoughts down (check out my poetry book) I end up tossing them (yes, in the bin and I often shred them first).  However an article I read, one of many I have read lately offered some interesting insight. The keeping of…… Continue reading The Journal, my friend or foe

Changing shoes

I fell into poetry. I am probably terrible at it but I can’t seem to care. The freedom it offers has me bedazzled. I can’t help it. I like to play with words and I like the brevity to say things that  poetry so generously allows. I can be straight to the point whilst my vocabulary…… Continue reading Changing shoes

In print and impressed

It’s taken me a while to have it sink in that I am now an eBook and a paperback. This whole world of self-publishing has been a roller-coaster ride but so rewarding especially in the people I have met. Just this week I have had the opportunity to be read about in a blog run…… Continue reading In print and impressed