Maslov as my mentor

I hated science and mathematics as a student.  I was good at them but it was a battle. Those subjects just didn’t interest me. As a teacher, the ‘why do we have to do this, Miss’ question, is very familiar. I am sure most of you out there know what I mean either as that…… Continue reading Maslov as my mentor

The Dreamer never dies

I wonder how many of us do keep the dream alive instead of giving in and thinking it too late to want more. I am not sure I can ever stop dreaming and reaching for whatever is out there no matter what I tell myself. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Again…… Continue reading The Dreamer never dies

Excitement attracts hashtags

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to 2018. This coming year excites me more than others because I have challenged myself to complete certain tasks.  Understanding the new year won’t magically make things happen the way we want is a given but a new year does remind us that time is passing.…… Continue reading Excitement attracts hashtags