Chilling Corner in July 2021

As I have not featured an author in some time, I decided I would combine it in this month’s chilling corner. But, rather than a new author I am re-featuring a favourite Indie author of mine from two years ago Caroline Noe and her new book The Ezekiel Factor. She now has five books self-published, an amazing feat for someone new on the the scene.

Indie authors work extremely hard because the responsibility of choices for every detail falls on their shoulders. I mean everything. Consequently, from the ‘first word’ to the ‘it’s out there moment’ you live life in trepidation. I know too well because as an Indie author I will be facing this process myself again very soon. Admitting it scares me does not embarrass me in the slightest. Not having reviews, well, that’s a different story because good or bad, authors rely on this to spread the word. All authors do whether traditionally or self-published.

These days most of us accept it and try to think of ourselves as a #worldindiewarrior but if the fear still hovers take a look at some of the incredible books being produced. I know the warrior image seems extreme but seriously, writers put themselves out there and that takes courage. Indie writers do it without the safety of a traditional publisher behind them. The whole thing is intimidating. However, author Caroline Noe has managed to quieten my fears and inspire me just in time as I wait for edits to come back and covers to be done.

I have enjoyed all of Caroline’s previous books, but I have to say this new one is my favourite. In a world where everything has been done, creating an atmosphere of originality is difficult. She does it beautifully in The Ezekiel Factor. Please let me know what you think. I really enjoyed it and I think you will too. Caroline spends a great deal of her time helping other authors by reviewing their books. I love people who support other people. Check out her website.

Spotlight Moment

Caroline Noe by Caroline Noe

London-based, I veer towards the eclectic side of the castle, especially when it comes to making ends meet. I have been an actor, singer, tour guide and dog walker amongst many things but swiftly learned the difference between dreaming and hard graft. However, in my lifelong love of science fiction and fantasy I found my true home. Real life can be just as epic as my books, if you’re brave enough to carry the ring or delve inside the wardrobe.

The Ezekiel Factor

Caroline: Detective Lauren Frost hates A.I. Now she’s stuck with a veteran, a techie, and an ankle biting dog on a missing persons case. It was bound to escalate.

Me: Brutal in parts, funny in others, clever world building and delightful characters and a story with a few twists and turns. A mixture of genres and very appealing.

The Canellian Eye Trilogy, Prophecy, Rebellion and Chosen

Caroline: What if you discover you are not who you thought you are? Destiny can be savage. How far will you go to gain your freedom? A Power beyond words will finally make a choice and…Skies will fall.

Me: It delivers questions and answers and keeps you reading till the very last page of the trilogy. That’s a good trilogy.

Firestone Key

Caroline: In a past of infamous magic and scarred traitors, what is the Firestone? Every evil has an origin.

Me: Once again an air of originality runs strong. No spoilers.

Other things

It’s always lovely when I find freebies. Giving a new author a chance  as a reader is a bonus for both author and reader – the experience is a win/win. My reading has been curtailed quite a bit to get my own writing done but I did manage one freebie, Tuesday’s Child, and one book which I did mention last month in Chilling Corner in June 2021 that I was looking forward to reading, Astray by Jenny Schwartz

Dale Mayer – Tuesday’s Child (Psychic Visions Book 1)

The characters were engaging and easy to connect with. Subsequently, the story had me involved. Interestingly enough, some reviews that had an air of negativity, revolved around the insight into a psychic. I don’t know if it would ever be easy to have something like that correct. However, I do know the  psychic in question had the reader caught up in the female lead’s fears and emotions and overriding desire to help others. For me if the characters connect the book works.

Jenny Schwartz – Astray (The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist Book1)

Great start to a new series (not a freebie) with some very likeable characters. Not normally into the space/fantasy genre but I really enjoyed this one.

As always thanks to the wonderful people at for any images except photos of featured books.

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