Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e

When I set out to write I knew it would be demanding, and I knew there would be times when confidence would get a bit shaky.  The writing beast feeds with gusto.  It delights in taking huge chunks of ego and chewing it slowly, possibly the whole of the writer’s life span. I often wonder…… Continue reading Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e

A world made of glass

Whilst scrolling through one of the writing organisations I subscribe to, I came across a workshop on world building with Terry Dowling, one of Australia’s acclaimed speculative fiction writers. Although I don’t write in this genre I am very much interested in world-building, and certainly this genre is one where the intricacies are very evident. …… Continue reading A world made of glass

Romance Reviews 6th Anniversay 2017 competition reminder

Hey guys, thank you for all the support so far.  I was so nervous but it has been so much fun. This post is short and sweet and to remind you to have a go. It’s too easy as we are allowed to give hints.  I chose the Q&A segment when competing in the Romance…… Continue reading Romance Reviews 6th Anniversay 2017 competition reminder

The Smashwords Read an Ebook Week 2017 

Hi everyone, Just a reminder about  the promotion running between 5th to 11th of March. Discounts and freebies to be had with EBooks on Smashwords. I would love you to click on Unexpected Obsession and use the code XV63T to purchase my book free of charge. Don’t forget the other bargains. Happy Reading. Barb

Books and more books

Hi all and welcome to another post, Sorry if this post goes in twice guys but had some technical difficulties. Bear with me with this post as I try something new.  It won’t cost you anything but it will earn you my undying love and gratitude.  I have decided to brave some promotions. The first is…… Continue reading Books and more books