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I have been thinking about creating a regular post around reading for quite a while. I love all kinds of books and my consumption is large enough to surprise the heck even out of me at times. In fact, where do I find the time? I don’t know. No, that’s not true. I do know. I love it, always have and always will. Reading is a long-standing love affair. If in doubt, ask the walls of Paddington Library in Sydney where by the age of twelve I had finished reading the entire junior section and had started on the adult.


These days the reward of reading for pure enjoyment has a sibling. Its name is Crafty Craft Teacher. I can’t afford courses on writing too often, so I am crafty with my craft and learn where I can and reading books by other authors is a great method. I research through something I love. How incredible is that? I read other authors works constantly and yes, I do review. I am conscious of how much that can help but then I have always reviewed because I think an author needs to know how their work is received. How better to learn than from the source that feeds us?

Every comment helps. My work is a good example of this. I have learned so much like the fact I’m inclined to use too many words, that I miss small grammar errors, that I tell where I should let my characters show and other bits and pieces I’d rather not think about. However, I take each thing on board. It’s why I have been so slow with the second novel in my series. Limited by funds I have upped my article reads (non-fiction) and my fiction reads. Slowly I am learning about and addressing my weaknesses, and I am praying this is showing up in my work in progress.

I have begun to see some improvements and its exciting and I owe much of it to the pleasure other writers have given me and are giving me. More and more I am intrigued by what is likeable and yes, the mechanics are important but the heart of reading, the connections we readers make and the worlds we enter matter so much more. Some writers are so good at it that I am in awe of it, and aside from learning I gain time out and these days we need it, all of us. It inspired me to revisit and now to share.

Each month I will introduce some of the books I have read that have provided fun, and entertainment, sometimes laughter and even a few teary moments. They are random genres, and random choices of writing style but they all helped me pass the time when so much was going on in my life. They brought me quiet times away from the world. Many are books by Indie authors, self-publishing as I do, and many are traditionally published. Reading is about pleasure and I want to keep it that way, so there are no reviews even if I have reviewed them and the books have not necessarily been 5 star although some are. I’m just presenting books that I have enjoyed and sometimes what this is comprised of,  can surprise even ourselves. I hope you take a look for yourselves. I promise it is most worthwhile.











Hoping you time the time to enjoy, see you next time



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