The world in colour by The Human Hand.

Writing poetry just happened. I didn’t intend it and I don’t even know if I am good at it. There is a chance I could suck completely. Despite this I keep going. Ideas seem to spring up out of nowhere and scream at me, demanding their release. So many experiences in my life have left…… Continue reading The world in colour by The Human Hand.

Edgy Romance with MV Ellis

I am loving being able to present different authors on my blog. The experience affords me an opportunity to learn more about what drives a writer to put themselves on the line. Quite simply it is scary place to be. You are out there vulnerable to criticism. Writers, I have decided are brave in a…… Continue reading Edgy Romance with MV Ellis

Moonstruck, starstruck and Mamma Mia all makes sense If you recall my bucket list post, you will be aware that Cher is an idol of mine. I thought I would use that in this post and share Cher (don’t you love the assonance, I think that’s the right poetic device) because this segment comes from Mamma Mia Number 2. If you haven’t…… Continue reading Moonstruck, starstruck and Mamma Mia all makes sense

Meetings, questions and Oprah

Like many, I am an Oprah fan. How can you not be when you see the things she has achieved? This will be the first of two posts where I use Oprah as my springboard to consider certain aspects of life. Sometimes we make a connection without understanding the connection. This post is a good…… Continue reading Meetings, questions and Oprah

Take a risk or play it safe?

The more I look for things that may be useful when I blog, the more I am astounded by how much there is to learn. And of course, I get side-tracked but then it’s all learning. My reading led me to this post by Kathy Caprino, a career and personal growth coach who tells us that…… Continue reading Take a risk or play it safe?

Keeping a blog interesting My determination to keep my blog interesting has me coming up with a variety of ideas. Sometimes though it is about my novel and using music to give insight into my couple in Unexpected Obsession, is so much fun. I get to play with some of the older Italian songs like this one. I…… Continue reading Keeping a blog interesting