Moonstruck, starstruck and Mamma Mia all makes sense

If you recall my bucket list post, you will be aware that Cher is an idol of mine. I thought I would use that in this post and share Cher (don’t you love the assonance, I think that’s the right poetic device) because this segment comes from Mamma Mia Number 2. If you haven’t seen it, do. Ha! I just rhymed, well I was attempting humour. Why is it so hard to be funny when you try?

Seriously, the movie was a feel-good experience and we need those, especially when it centres around family and friends and how the lines between the two can so easily blur. We need the reminder so that we can keep a handle on how we treat people. Far too often we get confused between taking chances and saying things or holding back because we don’t want to be the bad guy and possibly lose the friendship. More importantly is the fact we don’t always agree with each other even in family situations. Mothers and daughters disagree, brothers and sisters can be at each others throat, and parents and children provide the universal battle of wills. Is it any wonder an outsider can be more helpful than a family member?

We need to know we are supported in our endeavours. We need to feel we can make mistakes and still be wanted and loved and we need to know that we can fix mistakes if time and life are generous enough to allow it to happen. All that from one film? What can I say?  Anything that widens the love circle around us is worth the discussion.

moonstruckAnyway, the film was warm and funny and sweet, and the addition of Cher worked amazingly well. What the heck, I am biased, and I don’t care. Whatever she does works for me. I loved Moonstruck, loved Mask, love the sassiness she brings to all productions, cinematic or live, love the distinctive sound of her voice and her strength of character. Can I relate this Cher addiction to my romance novel, Unexpected Obsession, or my poetry books?

A recent review said something to the effect that my novel resembled a relationship study. Romance novels are like that; they are all about the relationship. Whether the relationship works or not, and the reasons for this, is what glues a reader to the page. The behaviours within the relationship impact on the people involved and others.

cher againThe film is very much about this in addition to some great songs, a magical panorama featuring Greece, and lots of entertainment and fun. I chose this clip because I love Cher (and someone please give me Andy Garcia), and Fernando, an ABBA favourite but also because it gives a little sample of the movie and the wonderful stars and music. But more importantly, there is such a good feel (repetition of expression but I did reverse the order) from a relationship where two people are split apart for whatever reasons and then come back together again, whatever the reasons. The small segment featuring this has a fairy-tale element we all wish for, especially us oldies who want to believe you really are never too old. It is a practical reminder that for something to work we need to work at it.

So, I guess I can relate it to my work but why not just enjoy the visual and the music. Sometimes, as I have said before, that is more than enough.

To all ABBA fans, long live Fernando and every other song they performed.



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  1. ‘Can you hear the drums Fernando?’ Sorry but of course I now have that song stuck in my head!
    Good article, thanks. I haven’t seen the film but love your enthusiasm for it so might have to check it out. The sentiment is key ‘for something to work we need to work at it’ – this is so true. Hopefully now I’ll have your words stuck in my head as a daily reminder (instead of Fernando!) Thanks Amorina 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m not usually into relationship stuff but I get this post. Saw Mamma Mia 2 with my daughter and had a great time. And thanks for reminding me of Moonstruck, that’s an old favourite too. Cher certainly is an extraordinary woman.

    • Moonstruck is a real favourite, as is Mask, and yes she is an extraordinary woman, I totally agree. I think we all need something nice to just enjoy sometimes so I also agree about the great time with the movie. Thanks for stopping by, I love to hear from people.

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