Moonstruck, starstruck and Mamma Mia all makes sense If you recall my bucket list post, you will be aware that Cher is an idol of mine. I thought I would use that in this post and share Cher (don’t you love the assonance, I think that’s the right poetic device) because this segment comes from Mamma Mia Number 2. If you haven’t…… Continue reading Moonstruck, starstruck and Mamma Mia all makes sense

Love, poetry and ideas that inspire

Looking through some previous work I came across some things I had written regarding genre. I wanted to reassess what motivates me and so I went searching. We need to do this from time to time as a reminder of what we set out to do. I love the different worlds books offer us, but…… Continue reading Love, poetry and ideas that inspire

Calling all poets

The last two months have been a little more exciting for me than normal. I have revised my poetry book Emotions in Eruption with a new cover and a little tightening up in the format because with self-publishing authors have that possibility. I have also been working hard to produce a poetry sibling. This is…… Continue reading Calling all poets

Do you need to shed some curves? Are the balls too heavy?

  What do you do when life throws constant curve balls right at your face? Hey, I’m talking heavy duty, lots of kilos, knock you down balls. Well? You find a way to dodge, and swerve until they go away, and they will. Determination and a strong desire to achieve on their own are not…… Continue reading Do you need to shed some curves? Are the balls too heavy?

Extra baggage allowance, please?

We all have different ideas on what success is. This is normal and natural so this post isn’t about definitions. It’s about what holds us back from success. I linked the quote below to the article that got me thinking and writing this post.  It resonated with me because I do use travel as a…… Continue reading Extra baggage allowance, please?

Quotes, moving and covers

I am in the middle of packing, and it’s been a little bit of a nightmare.  There are so many things to think about.  In fact the process is long and fraught with so many niggly little problems that I’ve had to take a step back from everything, including writing.  The cloud of overwhelmingness (I…… Continue reading Quotes, moving and covers

Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e

When I set out to write I knew it would be demanding, and I knew there would be times when confidence would get a bit shaky.  The writing beast feeds with gusto.  It delights in taking huge chunks of ego and chewing it slowly, possibly the whole of the writer’s life span. I often wonder…… Continue reading Researching is spelt M e l b o u r n e