October 2022 Chilling with Books Corner with a spotlight on CR Alam

This is one of my favourite photos taken when my eldest daughter and I visited Japan. For a treat, as it is almost my birthday, I am heading down south to see her. Just for interest purpose I feel you should know that I am happy to receive blog likes in sympathy to my passing years. LOL Hey, a girl can try. Time to stop digressing and spotlight another author. For my October 2022 Chilling with Books Corner, re-meet author CR Alam.

It is so motivating and exciting to see people moving forward particularly Indie authors. Writers like Caroline Noe and Julia Blake featured in my August/September Chilling Corner, and writers like CR Alam work very hard because the onus is on them for everything. When necessary, some of them will redo their work just to ensure their reader has a good reading experience. This is work ethics and I love it despite my snail pace at attempting the same.

I read both Indie and Traditional. My preference is for a good read and not a way of publishing. In saying that, I do admit to having a bias where Indie Authors are concerned. I am an Indie Author myself and I know extremely well how hard it can be. Being in the position of having a blog and thus the opportunity to spotlight is one of the things I love best in this haphazard writing career that far too often makes me crazy.

Right now, my focus is on CR Alam. Echoing Hearts, her first book was recently updated and re-released in time to allow the second book His Forever Muse to stand beside it. Both books have beautiful covers, good plots and are very good reads. They stand alone but have a continuation that runs through the series to give it a family feel as well as the spicy romantic one.

If you can click on her website link in the previous paragraph, and join up to her newsletter, you will have the opportunity to sample her writing with a delightfully free read. M/s Alam has been a very busy author. I can’t wait to see what this Indie does next.

My books

My editing is now alive and kicking. As I said last month, we all want fantasy, but I prefer mine with a healthy dose of reality although sometimes that fact can be exhausting. Lexi and her maddening ways has won my heart though and as difficult as she can be I am hoping her warmth will win yours. It’s real; I have known many a Lexi.

The world around me

I am far too busy for my own good, but it is also satisfying to be doing different things. One of my Haibun pieces has been accepting in a Canadian journal so the time it took has been well worth it. A small tribute to my mother in time for the anniversary of her death, I can’t wait for the publication link which hopefully will occur in the next few weeks, allowing me to share it early next month.

This month, Townsville had the pleasure of hosting Chris Hammer with his new book The Tilt. It is always such a pleasure when writers choose to visit us up here in the Tropics.

Books I’ve read and Films I have seen.

Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor was well written even with the challenge of the three timelines. The book managed a smooth glide through so many lives without a moment of confusion and instead the reader was treated to moments of strong connection to the characters and their unfolding story.

I followed this up with The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin and it turned out to be one of the best reads for me this year. I cried at one specific part of the story because the emotion in the flow of words wouldn’t allow me to do otherwise. Set in World War 2, it is a love story but not a romance. Instead we have a drama with a solid and heart-breaking plot. Loved it.

Moving to a discussion of films, I watched The First Wives Club and yes, I admit it, it was not my first time. But seriously, how can you not love three incredible leading ladies like Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn and an important lesson they share with us, the viewers. Revenge doesn’t satisfy but getting on with our lives makes us winners every single time and it is so worthwhile watching the film for that alone. “You Don’t Own Me”, a song written by Philadelphia songwriters John Madara and David White and originally recorded by Lesley Gore in 1963 is used to make another point.

The idea of someone believing that have ownership or control over another human being is abhorrent. Strange to think at the time it came out, the song was merely another pop song. We have eyes open these day and that is a wonderful thing. Though I like the film as much as the book (despite the differences in plot), the song does give an extra edge to the film.

Not so long ago I watched the repeat of E.T. and was totally captured by another line from a film which I fully intend to make use of in my next post. Towards the end of the film, Elliot says, “Look at what they have done to you.” Everyday I see that same poignant sliver, that moment when people who know better let negative emotions rule, whether that be jealousy, fear of something they don’t understand, or a desire to make everything the same so they feel better. Cryptic much? Check out my next blog early November for the story behind my obsession with that particular quote.

If you are feeling kindly disposed, please feel free to check out my books. I would love some more input on Unexpected Obsession before I release Unexpected Passion. Links below.

Alla prossima,


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