Have you got a bucket list?

It’s almost the end of the year, and time for that making resolutions conversation. Personally, I am not a resolution person, instead I am someone that has a bucket list. Resolutions to me are a set of rules to improve behaviour. I would like to think we consider this all year round. Bucket lists however…… Continue reading Have you got a bucket list?

The definition of perfect

I had forgotten how much I like to blog. There hasn’t been a lot of time for it lately. Blogging is a relatively instantaneous process. With a quick turnaround (well, if you have a schedule and keep to it and if people comment) the project becomes satisfying unlike longer works that require tedious but necessary…… Continue reading The definition of perfect

The Rebellion against the letter R

I am currently plagued by the letter ‘R’.  Yes, that’s right, as in the alphabet.  Before you decide I have lost the blog post plot let me explain.  The following words start with this letter: relationships, reviews, rewrites, redo, re-upload, re-wind, release, and reputation, revising, rebellion and let’s not leave out revolution because that is…… Continue reading The Rebellion against the letter R