Fragilities, humour, and passion for life

Laughing at our frailties doesn’t make them go away but it helps our perspective, particularly as women. We are an extraordinary design. Able to carry and birth life gives us superpowers until we hit a certain age. Even then some of us manage to get off lightly and some of us are hit hard. There is no knowing where we will fit in this life equation but then again life is like that, and sometimes a sense of humour can be a wonderful defensive mechanism. Our reaction will dictate how we muddle through life and whether or not those pesky little potholes will break a leg or two. Humour leads the battle to victory but a passion for nature and life itself comes a close second.

Passion and nature is what has always attracted me to Japan. Their gardens have such serenity, something my female lead in Unexpected Passion is in dire need of after her romantic experiences take a turn into confusion. I give her a reprieve as you can see below in one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan because her age has now brought new problems.

The power of green is far-reaching. Indeed, there has been and there still exists, on-going research on the subject. Judith Wright, one of Australia’s most beloved poets, once wrote about the difference made to  patient’s recovery from a hospital room that has a window overlooking the outside world and showing a bit of green. I took this to heart and have included one of Japan’s most beautiful treasures, the Adachi Gardens in the second book of my romance/drama series, Unexpected Love. No spoilers though. What I can say is that the sheer perfection is breath-taking and just what Lexi needs.

As this smart, gutsy woman deals with what life tosses in her direction, her powers to recoup and reconciliate are tested harshly by the advent of later in life problems. The extraordinary design of a woman’s body has a price. Have you ever wondered why? I have and I still do just as I wonder why one person can be given the same disease as another with completely opposite experiences. Is it as much about our attitude as it is about our genetic make-up? Does our attitude as we handle, manage what we are given determine the degree of coping we are capable of? Does a passion for life make that big a difference? Does humour really keep us afloat?

Lexi is a character I can identify with closely, and as peculiar as it may sound considering she I my creation I am totally enamoured with her brand of craziness. She navigates her way through life with humour and passion until she can’t. Thus, she gives rise to so many questions about behaviours and our abilities to cope or go under. You see, she loses that zest, that passion and her humour is up and down like the Coca-Cola red yo-yo. Remember those? Wait, don’t answer. Will she survive and find herself? I will let you know and hopefully soon.

I hope you enjoyed the videos courtesy as always by the miracle of You-Tube.

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