Education never ends and so it shouldn’t

Over the last six months I have been hard at work not only on my second novel Unexpected Passion from my Unexpected Love series, but also on my first book, Unexpected Obsession. Since the release of the novel, I have learned so much about writing that I had to go back and do some work on improving things. In fact, with so much to learn, it is easy to find the process daunting. Just when you think you have a handle on things, education reminds you that you don’t have a handle at all and you plummet straight into frustration.

Education and its never-ending demands however can also be exciting. Learning something new is always exciting. And I have been both lately, frustrated and excited by the differences a little learning can make. Tweaking Unexpected Obsession has been both challenging and rewarding. Deciding what changes, tightening language, checking grammar, the list is endless has done my head in but I am fortunate in having some great people in my life who come in and help when I really want to stop. Thank heavens because with a bit of luck I will have it out there by the end of this month. As an added bonus I had the opportunity to revisit some beautiful parts of Sicily even if only in my imagination and by my own words.  Any one else out there been to Taormina?

Both the manuscript and the cover have kept their original story. Education is about improvements and growth, not just changes. I had to stand by some of the choices I made when I started to be true to myself. However, both the cover and the manuscript, have gone on a verbal and visual diet. They asked me for it. Consequently, both the book and I have come out with a better understanding of each other.

Not quite ready yet for the release, I thought I might do a post with a few teasers. One of those being a beautiful Italian song Caruso sung by Lara Fabian courtesy of YouTube. This version is a favourite because it is spoken so beautifully in Italian by this artist (an English translation of the words is found on the video). The song is about being chained by love, an odd expression but apt in Nico’s case. He doesn’t want to feel so much for one person as my small extract below shows us.

“For fuck’s sake,” he whispered to himself. “It’s been nearly two years. When does it stop?” Everything in the room reminded him of her. The unyielding pressure in his head told him he could not survive like this. The crashing and splintering of the items from the dresser didn’t assuage his anger. The cloying sweetness of the shattered perfume bottle permeated every corner of the bedroom, making his head spin. The only thing she left behind. Had it been deliberate? Frustrated, hurting, he didn’t blink at the hole or at the blood smeared across his knuckles and the pristine white of the bedroom wall.

From Unexpected Obsession Book 1 in the Unexpected Love series

I have learned a lot about patience during this process. Editing in general is hard work, slow and laborious. But I am constantly inspired by so many authors out there and their willingness to give support that I knew I couldn’t do any less myself than to work as hard as they do. I also have a good friend, also a writer, who never fails to keep my spirits up on a daily basis. Alyson, I hope I do the same for you because you are amazing. Anyway, a funny thing happened when I focused on the writing community, I found myself enjoying the process, however tiring and frustrating. Improving however small the improvement might be, is a pretty good medicine for anything that ails us. Education is a weapon, perhaps not one to draw blood like a knife but certainly one with which to open the brain to let knowledge in.

Now back to work. The second book is demanding attention. It apparently would like to make an appearance before Christmas, so I better get a move on. Wish me luck and stop by my blog when you can. Just for fun I am adding this meme. It puts things into perspective for me when I struggle to keep going.

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  1. Awesome Barb! I’m planning to write a book but am feeling overwhelmed at the thought of doing so. Your persevere is inspiring. Congrats on your achievement. 🙏

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