Magic, hard work and adding your own spin

I have a soft spot for talent shows and have become most partial to America’s Got Talent over the last few years. Truthfully, I am a sucker for these types of programs and what I call magic entertainment. You could say I am addicted to the artistry some people manage to create, and I am inspired by those willing to put themselves out there. With their bravery, these people create magic. And it does take courage to step in front of a crowd. You risk making a fool of yourself.

Whilst not all acts are the same, there is one commonality – a special belief in the self. A belief they have something to offer that has them stand apart from what has gone before. All creative people hope for this. Thus, this applies to more than entertainers. Writers, poets, artists, actors, fashion designers – the list is long. Of course, sometimes they do get it wrong, and sometimes they get it so right that we are enthralled.

These days, people sing, dance, perform, write, paint and they do it with knowledge at their fingertips. Knowledge of what has gone before. Technology allows it through easy access. We, who crave to make magic entertainment, are greedy beings though. We covert originality, we crave originality and that requires hard work and dedication, and the ability to master the art form we choose. Then, and only then, can we shape it to become original.

Adding our own spin, transforms. In this case, quick-change artist, Lea Kyle, added such beguiling pizazz to her performance that it took her act to another level, one earning her the the Golden Buzzer. Extraordinary speed enhanced by the fact she designed and made her wardrobe, and then the addition of her personality, took the performance and created an art form to dazzle the eyes. It created the illusion of originality.

I thought this was too special not to share. It is full of colour and fun and in this current climate we need beautiful things to keep us positive. Likewise, I believe we need inspiration to remind us that it doesn’t matter what we already know, we can always do more and do better. Watching the video, there is no doubt Lea works hard to perfect her act and to maintain a freshness, an air of originality to what is an illusion. Interestingly, reels seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment to create this same effect. Yet Lea creates a surreal effect without the technological media trickery. Well, there is trickery but the how escapes us, or me anyway. I do know it must take hours and hours of practise to create such a cinematic moment of magic entertainment.

On a personal note, I found myself inspired by her creativity and her willingness to work hard to create something new from something old. Lately I have lost my mojo, well more than lately. I needed something to lift my spirits. In actual fact, I got more than I bargained for. I was entertained visually and mentally. Now I crave the ability to do the same even in the smallest way possible. In our new reality a touch of magic does not go astray. What do you think?

I hope you enjoy this small segment and if you do and are partial to more magic then follow this link to a previous post I did in June 2020. A girl, a violin and the magic of sand with Angelina Jordan (voice), Tyler Butler Figueroa (violin) and Ksenia Simonova (sand magician) performing Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi is very special. Another magical experience.

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