A girl, a violin and magic of sand

I thought it might be nice to share something a little different and a lot beautiful. Ironically, this particular episode of America’s Got Talent Finale was filmed February this year. While Covid 19 was preparing for war, life was going on around us, including talent shows.

I am a little ashamed (not really) to admit I am a sucker for talent shows and for Simon Cowell. He may be a little gruff at times, but when someone special, someone who has heart and soul, comes on stage so does his antennae and all that frowning disappears.

Below you will find three of the incredibly special, Angelina Jordan (voice), Ksenia Simonova (sand magician) and Tyler Butler Figueroa (violin) performing Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi.

I try not to stay on social media too long but at times I succumb especially with videos, and as I said, I love talent shows. I was so glad I came across this segment of America’s Got Talent bringing together some of the best of the best. I haven’t forgotten there are terrible things happening. But when I watched this performance I was awe-struck by the way three totally different artists used their differences to create magic.

The combination of talents blended, and became one so easily. It’s not that hard to work together if we are committed to creating something beautiful. Here the result is a strength of performance that is outstanding. It is also inspirational. From the ethereal manipulation of the sand, the purity of the bare-footed voice singing the lyrics and the chilling beauty that emanates at the first touch of the strings, we are pulled into a performance that stays long after the show is over.

It is all about working together. #peopleworkingtogether  #harmony #blackpeoplematter

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