Chilling Corner in June 2021

I started this part of my blog because I enjoy going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. The further I go into this section of my blog though, I am finding the enormous difference of opinions on the same book, are astounding. As an author who is still learning it gives me hope and it brings fear. Getting it right is so difficult. Having said this, I bow to the fact that we are all very different and entitled to our opinions.

Generally, I read to immerse in a new world and if an author can give me this, then I am happy. This month I have three books I have enjoyed and a new series, by an Australian author. The latter I am yet to read but am looking forward to doing so having read previous work.

Helen Hoang – The Kiss Quotient

Having taught in the special needs area, I am always interested when subjects like autism come up in books. This is what I found and yes, I am quoting myself:

There was a reverence and respect for the female character and her condition that made me smile. I have a friend with a similar reaction to people and it is amazing what our reaction to them, can bring out in those that often appear brusque but are in fact stuck in a world that has confusing rules. We need to show more patience and understanding when they then create their own rules. There is a meeting ground.

Helen Hoang – The Bride Test

It is always a question as to whether a second book will live up to the first. Autism is a delicate subject to write about particularly in a romance genre. Again, I found this to be a lovely read because it shows the reader how acceptance and patience can make a difference. As a consequence, though a romance, the focus is shared with a desire for the reader to understand not just the character and the love interest but also what the character deals with when faced with a romantic situation.

Anthony Marr – A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

This was a book club read and a very good one. The author is a beautiful writer with a talent for turning each phrase into insight into the character’s heart and mind. It is complex and deals with an emotive subject. The reader is left pondering on the nature of war, and the harrowing experiences of powerless civilians and refugees.

Jenny Schwartz – Author

I did a post on this Australian author some time ago. The Faerene Apocalypse, a series consisting of five books beginning with Stray Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 1). Though I have yet to start reading the new series, The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist I am really looking forward to some quiet time so I can enjoy it. It is only editing my own work that is keeping me from delving straight in. Here is a little from Jenny’s blurb.

Astray (The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist Book 1)

Nora Devi is a xeno-archaeologist while Captain Liam Kimani could be credited with ending the latest royal war. This is all I know so far but I do know the author has a lovely easy style and the clever ability to weave stories through some excellent world-building. I love her mixture of dystopian, space, and fantasy. (Doubt (The Adventures of a Xeno-Archaeologist Book 2)for release September 2021.)

As always, I welcome any input on these books or your own suggestions,

Ciao till next time,


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  1. Barb, I admire you for reading such a range of genres. I tend to stay fairly close to historical fiction. I’ve tried to read some fantasy, but I just can’t get into it. My hat’s off to you!

    • I’m on a mission to discover the essence of readability. LOL I follow your blog because you read such interesting books and I can learn from that as well. Seriously, thank you.

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