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Stray Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 1) by [Schwartz, Jenny]

This month I had a completely different post prepared but I have pushed it aside for next time. I got side tracked by a series I picked up by author Jenny Schwartz. It’s not my usual read but I have been throughly entranced, bespelled by magic. I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I will keep it brief. Humans have disrespected Earth and this has resulted in a rip. This tear has allowed supernatural beings to come through. These beings have magic and as the story progresses we discover they are in need of a familiar to keep their magic thriving. They have also taken control of the planet and are re-building to their specifications.

I could have enjoyed just that premise alone but in the rebuilding of the new world (to be co-inhabited by both parties), politics and mistrust and power plays all make an appearance.  And, I found myself caught up.

Normally we suspend our disbelief but in this we don’t have to because the plot becomes a reflection and comment on life, most certainly on diversity. There is also a bit of history that seeps in, emphasising how much humans can suck at learning a lesson. Literally a mirror is created and our reflection as beings isn’t pretty despite the gentle delivery of the lecture.

The series is a fantasy. It does include a romance, clean, sweet and a little more at times, and there is intrique aplenty, and some fascinating creatures in this fascinating world the author has created. The novels flow really well and the author is very clever at not repeating herself needlessly in each book. We know exactly what is happening without labouring the point so we don’t lose focus – surviving an apocalypse. Can the old and new inhabitants live and work and thrive together?

Bound Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 2) by [Schwartz, Jenny]      Loyal Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 3) by [Schwartz, Jenny]    First Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 4) by [Schwartz, Jenny]

I won’t say anthing further except to tell I have gobbled the first four books and am waiting anxiously for the next one in about six weeks time (6th April). Certainly the series isn’t unique yet there is a believability that is disturbing. I have really enjoyed it. I am hoping some of you out there read this series and give me some feedback. What do you think? I really want to know.

Rough Magic: A Dystopian Fantasy (Faerene Apocalypse Book 5) by [Schwartz, Jenny]


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  1. Enjoy this series and looking forward to Rough Magic, so want to find out what happens next to these characters I love. All the books that Jenny’s written and that I’ve read have held my attention and often become re-reads. She writes about people in a variety of times and places, contemporary to steampunk to magical to outer space. There’s romance, suspense and appealing characters. Like that her series have a beginning, middle and end and don’t repeat plots etc to keep the series going.

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