Words from the Ancients, and three coins in the Trevi Fountain


Sometimes it is wiser to let the Ancients speak for us. However, the idea does scare me, and not just a little. You see, they said it all. They said it long ago. Yet we still don’t get it.

Our behaviour, reactions, and our approach to other people and to the events taking place in our lives, is in our control. It is about our way of thinking. If that thinking is open, honest, giving and fair then it follows our lives will be. We have it in ourselves to be happy, and to make others happy. We just have to cut out the shitty thinking.

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That’s all I have say this post, except maybe to thank Marcus Aurelius for the use of his words, and to tell the Fountain of Trevi that Rome is always on my wish list and not even Covid 19 can change that.

Don’t let those coins go to waste has become a mantra, and has extended itself to my female lead Lexi, often known as Alessandra if you happen to be a hot, single Italian male. She throws those coins with hope in her heart. Perhaps, that is the secret to life – hope. See what happens in Unexpected Passion, Book 2 of The Unexpected Series, hopefully out in time for Valentine’s Day but much more on that, as the word count grows and the weeks progress.

Alla prossima,

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