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One of the lesson I think to be learned out of this new normal is the importance of doing. Every day we are regaled with amazing stories of people who are finding new ways to do things. Interestingly enough some will most likely continue this new way. Adversity has a strange way of bringing the best out in us. It is a wonderful fact but at times, a confusing one. It seems we have to be pushed into action by some form of tragedy.

I read just the other day that Studies have found productivity and happiness are linked. I would have thought this to be obvious without scientific study. A feeling of accomplishing has a profound effect on our mental attitude. In the current climate, efforts made to entertain us and keep us fit has been astounding,  accelerating and multiplying to take in as many people as possible. This amount of productivity must equate to a lot of happiness.

These people with their wonderful ideas have embraced a form of global responsibility by finding ways to keep us strong. If we are strong, we can help others in the same way we can on board a plane. We put the gas masks on ourselves first; if we don’t and someone needs help, we will not be in a position to give that help. We have to rethink our approach so we need to help ourselves first, sort it out in our heads. Giving that help is part of productivity and it needs to be right. Happiness when fuelled by productivity is its very own form of pandemic but one that benefits rather than destroys.

At times, the thing we do can seem almost paltry, inconsequential. I remember cooking dinner for my son and his family about a month ago and to fit with maintaining distance it was uberised. I delivered. I didn’t eat with them, but it felt good (the purple icing on the cupcakes gave the whole process, pizzazz). I think it made them happy; I know it made me happy and I’m quite sure you can all add a similar story of your own.

clipart-2776230__340Isn’t it strange that it can be something so simple to make us happy? It got me thinking. Productivity is more than the creation of an actual product. It is also the approach we choose to take. Others take their cue from us; that approach inspires the productivity. The productivity  results in satisfaction and satisfaction makes us happy. We create a domino effect. This is important coming out of lock down, and we readjust. Maybe we should consider the domino hourly, daily, weekly, maybe even the rest of our lives. We could clock up a lot of happiness and it may help us sort out what is needed sooner, and if a second wave occurred, we would be prepared not only to do the right thing, but to maintain productivity.

Keep doing, it makes the world smaller despite the distances.

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  1. Wonderful insights, Barbara. A sense of accomplishment can bring us satisfaction during difficult times, if not happiness. And doing things for others, like cooking a meal, gives a double benefit. I’m going through a difficult time because of COVID. I haven’t seen my husband, dogs, or home since February due to airport closures. Working with my writing community, in my online business, and helping my family has kept me sane. I hope it rubs off on others. Thank you so much for posting this. Stay safe!

  2. I feel for you. I have a daughter on front line who has just been sent into isolation. The fact that it hasn’t happened before this is amazing. She is amazing. Stay strong, stay safe.

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