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A varied collection for this month’s corner had me reflecting on the fun and relaxation reading can bring. There are so many worlds we can step into and experience fear, love, excitement and for a short time, forget the demands of everyday life. We need that, I know I do. This post is short but the enjoyment of some of these books, long. Stay safe and well wherever you are.

The Fire King: A Dirk & Steele Novel by [Liu, Marjorie M.]

The Fire King by Marjorie M. Liu, like all books by her, forces a connection. It is the way the author manages to manipulate words that has us locked into the main characters. In this case, we have a damaged hero and heroine, and so it runs rife with rage, pain, angst and then finally love.

Look the Part by [Ann, Jewel E.]

Look the Part  is a contemporary romance by Jewel E. Ann. Her leads are strong personalities. She is sassy; he is sexy, and together make for a most enjoyable read. Dancing in the Dark  on the other hand gave me mixed reactions. T.L. Martin was often brutal, but the plot held reader attention. I added this as I would love to know what someone else thought. Feel free to comment and let me know your reaction.  Dancing in the Dark by [Martin, T.L.]

The Alpha (The Pack Book 3) by Kristin Coley has delightfully sweet mixed with a little heat and sometimes that can be very nice. Normally I’m not a sweet fan but this one was lovely. At the opposite end of the spectrum is The Flesh Series by Kylie Scott, an Australian Zombie series that sizzles. Flesh, Book 1 was great, but I wasn’t sure if Kylie Scott could pull off a follow up with that same intensity and heat, but Skin, Book 2 far surpassed all my expectations and then some – it was an incredibly good read.


The Alpha (The Pack Book 3) by [Coley, Kristin]  Flesh (Flesh Series Book 1) by [Scott, Kylie] Punk 57 by [Douglas, Penelope] Repressed (Deadly Secrets Book 1) by [Naughton, Elisabeth]

As I said, this month is varied, and Punk 57 is a good example. It isn’t your average tale about young people fitting in. I could say more but I won’t. Have a read and let me know. I recommend it; it has something about it, and so has Repressed  by Elizabeth Naughton which got mixed reviews. I am always amazed at how differently readers react. To me this had lots of action, tension and hot emotions making it an exciting read from start to finish.

Dragon Fever: Masters of the Flame 1 (Mating Fever) by [Jade, Elsa]

Dragon Fever (Masters of the Flame 1) by Elsa Jade was a freebie I downloaded. It was so enjoyable, with a nice twist in dragon history, and some very good romantic/sexy scenes that I would have paid for the book quite happily. A cliff hanger ending but still able to stand alone. Easy read.

I am also featuring a debut novel, The Midnight Dance, a gothic dark tale of dance and a Master who wants to control out of bitterness and a need to hurt. This was fascinating as it held a darker aspect but remained a YA fantasy. Nikki Katz has delivered a very good first novel.  The Midnight Dance by [Katz, Nikki]

And that’s it for this month. Remember, and I say this every time, I am not a reviewer. Kudos to reviewers because they do an incredible job, and a hard one. I am just sharing because I enjoy reading. If you have read any of these and have some thoughts, please let me know. I enjoy the exchange of ideas enormously. Chocolate does make the reading smoother or red wine. Needed both this month as I have aggravated my neck and it helps with the pain – that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Till next month



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