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This end of month post is a little different. The emphasis isn’t quite on the idea of an ‘author’ as much as it is on as the person who exists as the person who ‘writes’. My emotions are at the forefront leading me into this post. For us in Australia it is the month where we celebrate ANZAC Day. The use of the word celebrate can appear strange when discussing events that centre on war particularly when there is still war happening. The poppies sitting there in the field celebrate the colour and courage it takes to sit in a shadowed background.

My former husband is a Vietnam Veteran and I met him when I was also part of the Defence Service. In my day we didn’t participate the way women do now, but our jobs were important. It seems so long ago now that sometimes it feels like I made it up. Photos I have, however, remind me it was real. The men who marched into my office with their paperwork were men who had seen and done things that took courage. They were real.

When I turn on the television and see the harsh reality presented to us, I falter. And then I read something, see something and I realise that we have the choice to be courageous in every single day we are on this earth. This is what ANZAC Day means to me. We have choices and good choices honour those who have gone before us.

Like so many others I have my woes and I do let them get in my way at times. I think it is hard not to; it is human nature. The problem arises when we allow those things to stop us moving forward. We need to actively look for examples of courage and learn from what we see. Sometimes the battle going on is invisible so we should be careful not to make assumptions.

The young lady below is an author and one that is always happy to support others. She makes it look so easy with her beautiful covers and the way she throws herself behind others. Auto immune diseases far too often hide behind the body and face that look perfectly normal to the outside world.

So, this post is for all the creatives out there that do for themselves and for others even when the doing takes a terrible toll. You are part of the moving forward army.

Spotlight on Bekah Berge

While she fills you in her life in the hard lane of this talented young lady (I did do a previous post) let me show you the things she does anyway from her books, her wonderful covers, her gorgeous planner and notebook and if you catch her Instagram, the incredible work, she does to support other Indie authors. Around her self-pity flies out the window.

So hi everyone! I’m Bekah Berge and I am a Fantasy Author with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), EDS, and several other health problems. So, let’s begin with a day in the life…

Things I Can Handle on a Good Day (note: not all of this is done on the same day.):

Wake up, take my morning meds, and have tea. 

Catch up on emails.

Shower and get ready for the day.

Do some writing until the pain gets to be too much.

Have lunch and afternoon meds.

Do some errands. Mom usually drives me because my hip pain makes it difficult to drive. 


Make dinner (generally brown rice and veggies with coconut aminos) Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Meat, and Peanuts make me throw up. I have to steer clear of any foods with those ingredients in them.

Watch TV with my mom and brother, then take evening meds. Read. Sleep.

 Bad Days:

️Wake up in very intense pain. Take meds. (When I say intense…imagine your whole body feels ice cold and burning at the same time. Throbbing/stabbing pain in hip. Excruciating pain in right arm from fingers to elbow. Cannot bear touch because pain is so extreme.) 

️Stay in bed and try to go back to sleep.

️Take afternoon meds.

️Still in bed. Might take a hot bath.


️Have some soup since I haven’t eaten all day. 

️Check emails and IG.

️If pain is still extreme, take medical marijuana. 

️Try to capitalize on the munchies and eat some veggies or an apple. Some dark chocolate if it’s around.

️Take evening meds and go to sleep.

 I usually have 3-5 semi-bad days a week and 10-15 very, very bad days a month. 

But when I can I write then I write and supporting others, well that takes no time at all. It all depends on how you measure time spent.

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She never stops and is an inspiration not just to writers.

Edits on my second book are snail pace slow. It’s annoying and never ending but I know necessary. Occasionally I take the time to watch something or read something and that helps for the next round.

Binging on Call the Midwife and not for the first time. I ask myself over and over why I am so fascinated with this production, and I think I finally have the answer. There hasn’t been an episode yet where compassion doesn’t make an appearance. There is such a feeling of real people caring that I shed a tear every episode. Far too often I find this missing in the real world particularly in the medical profession. I love the books and I love the series. Anyone else have this obsession?

I did mention reading as well as watching so here goes. I read this totally sweet romance, Finding Faith (The Finding Home Series, Book 1) by B.E. Baker and really enjoyed it. I write hot but I also like sweet. The world is full of different people, and I like different. It gives us perspective.

Another book I read is A Taste of Ginger by Mansi Shah which has received much acclaim. I liked it and certainly think it would make excellent discussion material for Book Clubs, but I struggled to connect with the main character, and it wasn’t because of cultural differences. Some things are common to all cultures and as a migrant child I know this but still something didn’t gel. Consequently, I would love to hear from others who have also read this book.

 Alla prossima,


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  1. Awww geez, now I feel like crap. I was at the doctor this morning complaining about my disease, which is an annoying diesease, but nothing like what Bekah goes through. I am going to make an effort to focus on my blessings and not my handicap. Thanks for bringing Bekah to us Amorina!

    • I’m in the same boat but I try to focus on what I can do and I stay good. When I focus on what I can’t do, I operate at slow to frozen level and more because of my attitude than anything else.

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