Chilling Corner in November

Frederica: Georgette Heyer Classic Heroines by [Heyer, Georgette]                  229. The Sign Of Love (The Eternal Collection) by [Cartland, Barbara ]

Just beginning to realise just how much I read. I must be exhausted but obviously haven’t noticed because the TBR (to be read) pile never seems to diminish, and I can’t afford to think about it.

Gaslight (Crossbreed Series Book 4)This month I have two paranormal series I have really enjoyed, and they are very different. Dannika Dark’s Crossbreed series beginning with Gaslight, is a must read. Though I particularly love Christian, it is the series and all the characters that keep me glued to the page. It’s a smaller Marvel world and it’s enchanting despite the brutality at times. The world building is amazing and the way the characters interact a testimony to the strength of families, born or created.

Bloodline (The Bloodline Series Book 1)Then there is Gabriella Messina’s The Blood line series beginning with Bloodline. It has a fresh approach to the werewolf legend, linking to Nazi Germany and there is wonderful tension between the leads. Different but worth reading but a warning, it is broodingly addictive and you will end up reading them all. 


Lionheart (Moonshadow Book 3) I really enjoyed Thea Harrison’s Moonshadow Series with its fantasy paranormal feel. I like that cross over genre because it feeds and expands the illusion of the worlds we enter.

More contemporary romance this month comes in the form of Act like it. This is very much a slow burn contrasting sharply with Every time I think of you. The latter is so ordinary, and this is not meant in the least as a negative but rather an emphasis on how real the characters came across, real enough to keep us reading. The connection to the plot and its cast is strong and the message clear – giving up is not an option.   I must be a glutton for following a series because another good read is K.C. Enders (Beekman Hills) Book 1, Tombstone. Great characters you can get lost in only too easily. The same could be said of Easy Love (The Boudreaux Series) which is exactly that – easy to love.

Tombstones (Beekman Hills Book 4) by [Enders, K.C.]          Every Time I Think of You by [Graves, Tracey Garvis]

Act Like It: A Slow-Burn Romance (London Celebrities Book 1) by [Parker, Lucy]

For a change of pace, I also loved The Rogue of 5th Avenue. The historic melodramas are delightful, and I am not sure why I stopped reading them. Anyone remember Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland? (I read so many I will never know how I got through my school work).

Easy Love (The Boudreaux Series Book 1) by [Proby, Kristen]                                  The Rogue of Fifth Avenue: Uptown Girls by [Shupe, Joanna]

As always, I remind you that this is not a review or even a recommendation. This is just a presentation of good books to read, not necessarily the best books ever because individual tastes vary so much and only each reader can decide that, but these are just good books you might not come across and that would be a shame. Reading is the greatest pleasure and it comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can save lives. I should know but more in another post, one day.


Till next time, and don’t forget books make the best Christmas presents, check out Chilling Corner in October and  Chilling Corner in September. There were some good books in those posts.


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    • I don’t know. How do you manage all those incredible dishes? I love it. Reading has saved my life so many times and I guess as a writer I need to do it, to see what others do and learn from it. I think you must do the same in your own way because your dishes are so different and way too delicious for my body to refuse.

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