Chilling Corner in October

Again, I find myself with a variety of books to share although this month the majority is contemporary romance. In truth, as I have said before, I enjoy all genres but that dash of romance is featuring more and more and I have been thinking on this a lot.

I think we need that happy ever after more these days. We need the reminder that it can happen as well as the need to simply chill with an easy read. For me though whether light-hearted or full of angst I need to connect. I enjoy tension, and well-designed characters. I don’t have to like the characters but I want a sense of real so I can indulge my fantasies but remain open to reality. I live the adventure in this way.

I loved Lucid Dreaming and Wide Awake by Heather Blair. The lead male character was so complex and yet willing to salvage himself if it meant his relationship survived. So much hurt but always a positive spin so the reader can be hopeful.

Across the Horizon had plenty of heartache, humorous banter and some wonderful romance. And if you like them hot, then try the Burn for You series (A Slow Burn Novel) and if you want to add action and danger to the mix then the Dangerous Beauty series (3 books and all wonderful) are for you. J.T. Geissinger doesn’t disappoint.

I am such a sucker for love so enjoyed Wrecking Ball which was sweet and sassy, and there is Everybody Lies adding a little steam to our lives, and/or Until I fall with some wonderfully poignant moments and multi-faceted characters.

I am also adding The Millionaire Mountain Climber and Running with a Sweet Talker. Loads of beautiful romance and warmth in both, and before I move to another genre, I will add Fixtures and Fittings (a charming murder mystery, and yes, I know that sounds strange, but it was so likeable and charming). Julia Blake is now definitely on my reading list.

Lastly Descendent from Shadows, Book 1 of the Sindal  is a good read. I have also read Book 2 and 3 and really enjoyed this YA paranormal/fantasy series.

Remember, there are no reviews here. I am just sharing some books I enjoyed because sharing gives other choices, or just some different ideas to consider.

Each one of the above books has been so much fun to read so, and I can’t help thinking I would have more money if I just stopped buying books. Oh well, that’s never going to happen. Reading Rocks.

See you next time,


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