Book Corner Chilling in April

This is my second book corner chill post and I have to say I can’t believe how many enjoyable books are out there. Choosing them to feature is difficult. I did however want to have a link between the books, a commonality that overrode differences in genre. I wanted good reads providing time out, and radiating warmth.

You may have already gathered I am an avid reader. I have  been for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I veered towards more serious books, mostly classics. These days I love to mix my genre, but I do have a rule before recommending, and this is something I don’t compromise. I demand a connection to the characters. I must either love or hate the protagonist enough to care what happens next. It’s that simple. Reading is a form of escape from the real world so the trigger, the escape mechanism, must have power. Nothing is stronger than the engagement with the characters, and surprisingly a book doesn’t have to be five stars to provide the magic for the reader.

Perhaps I shouldn’t but I will forgive editing issues and often even small plot holes if the characters are engaging. I want to feel what they feel even if I don’t like them. I want to wonder what will happen even as I make an educated guess that turns out right, I need to connect.

This lot of books I am showcasing are rural romances, and I am not a rural fan, but I loved the experience these books offered me. You see, connection also jumps genre boundaries. As an added bonus three of the novels are by Australians, Alissa Callen, Barbara Hannay and new author Jill Staunton. The two other books are by Jacqueline Rhoades, one of my favourite American authors, favourite because her characters are so lovable.

Let me know what you think.

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