Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

Blogging as I have said many times previously is something I love. There is such freedom in being able to write on so many different aspects of life, and to be able to feature other people.  Last month it was my cover artist Christopher Brunton and  Australian author Jill Staunton, and next time, next month, who knows?

This medium, the blog post, allows for #authorssupportingauthors or #artistssupportingartists (I know this isn’t Twitter or Instagram, but I wanted to emphasise how wonderful it is to be able to support each other and serves to remind us that those hash tags do help. It has helped me find more people to support and an amazing following I never expected). All of us I am sure want to help and support others but too often don’t know how.

The truth is that there are a million different things we can do if we really want to help someone else. The desire will lead us to where we need to go if we listen to our internal dialogue, the good one. Sometimes it is just simply sharing the blending of perfect voices in this very beautiful song I am presenting this post. The result is pleasure and if that isn’t supportive, then I question what is? The dancing is stunning, but it is Andrea and Jennifer, two completely diverse artists harmonising that brings a delicious sense of well-being.

I wanted to share that and hope you enjoyed it. At times I do have to mention my books and my writing. This is my website and I am hoping I am a writer, or at least coming closer to it every day and it means I must adhere to practicality. This week though I thought I might just enjoy the sharing.

Lots of love


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