Distractions of the Heart (For the Romantics)

I thought I would start the month with one of my poems. Having arrived at the formatting stage of my second novel I have been wondering how to make the process a little more interesting. Or perhaps, I should say more romantic. The book contains its own touch of drama, something the romantic in us expects but there needed to be something more. As a result I started thinking, reflecting on what a true romantic might expect. Poetry came to mind.

This poem I had originally written for Emotions in Eruption (my first attempt at a poetry book). The theme then was the idea of love in general. As my manuscript Unexpected Passion was directed towards an older couple although a younger couple (from Unexpected Obsession, Book 1 of my Unexpected Love series) also feature, the poem slid into my mind. I had after all given Nico and Lia their own poem so why not Lexie and Ricardo. Subsequently, with some adjusting the updated version is now a part of my new poetry book, Emotions in Explosion and also sits on the front page of the new novel.

What does the little bird do? The answers to the poem are whatever you choose them to be. In the novel? Well, you need to read it to find out.

And I had better post this so that I can get back to finishing the last few bits to the book.

Distraction of the Heart (on love in later life)

Abandonment of dreams,

to concentrate on life’s schemes.

Forget the longing and heart-felt yearning.

The wheels keep turning to different learning.

Sometimes though, I  whisper to the wind.

And for a moment, I allow distraction

and pray I will avoid compaction.

Fool. Fool. You stand and shout.

Love is cunning; I can’t survive another shunning.

You hope. You mope.

You mope. You hope.

It may be different; you have insight,

and courage for a gallant fight.

You want love’s rapture, not another fracture.

A prayer you whisper to the breeze

in fervent hope the fear will ease.

Should I forbid attraction?

Should I forbid this distraction?

Am I a fool to want remission?

Am I fool for this admission?

Softly, sweetly comes the reply.

Fly, little bird. Fly. Fly. Fly.

(From Emotions in Eruption – see link below)

Please do key an eye out for my new novel, Unexpected Passion, Book 2 in my Unexpected Love Series. I am almost there.

Ciao for now,


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