Ukiyo, energy levels, unkindness, and change

I find it difficult to detach from the things, and consequently I struggle to let things go. Change doesn’t happen when we dismiss. This is not about holding grudges. It is about the world around us and the things in this world that intrudes on our energy levels, some more than others. Describing these things, events or occurrences is difficult. There are so many and yet I can break it down to just one commonality – unkindness. Isn’t that strange?

If you think about it, it makes sense, and sadly there are so many ways unkindness occurs. Small things, bigger things, larger again things until it achieves a proportion that can no longer be managed, no matter what we are told. Watch the news. Do I need to say more? Of course, I know there is goodness in this world, but the everyday world also suggests we have an insidious problem with unkindness and like an obnoxious weed, it spreads and keeps spreading. I worry that eventually it will take over.

It depletes energy and not just mine. That makes it dangerous because depleted energy has no strength to battle, to make changes. After all unkindness knows no borders. What I personally struggle with the most is the fact that unkindness happens on so many levels from the person in front of you, the one at work, your family, your community until it becomes that global battle of painful proportions. Let it go. That would be my inner voice speaking. Yet, not worrying, not questioning means a passive acceptance undermining change. Without change there is no solution. Yet with worry, there is no energy for the solution or is there?

Finding the above quote was not about finding the solution. Let me make that clear. Instead, it was a gentle reminder to regroup, recharge those energy levels. RealandRaw  describes it thus: The solution? I know not except maybe, to flow with all that comes and all which comes not, alike. Ukiyo, they say is a beautiful word which describes life for me today.”

What exactly is Ukiyo? It is the evocation of a world in contrast to the everyday. In Japan, they refer to it as The Floating World, a place where one could indulge in pleasing the senses. Does it sound complicated? Or worse, self-indulgent? It’s not. In essence, it means enjoying what is in front of us; it means taking pleasure in the now moments which restore those energy levels. Of course, there is much more to this but for me this amount of understanding was enough.

The blessing in this is that these now moments are everywhere and anytime if we allow it. As a writer though I search for more concrete ways to express my frustration and my understanding. Poor Poetry, for that is the genre I choose every time to pour out my thoughts. Whilst in writing mode only words exist. Cynical, harsh, and bitter those very words release the anger and for me, create Ukiyo, for it is anger powered by helplessness that prevents change.

Accepting the Reality

(From Emotions in Existence and the Emotions Anthology Box Set)

I reach for colours

of weaving waving white

for the sake of wounded warriors.

I wait for the setting of the sun

and pray for the ones still standing

hoping we will remember them.

Soldiers at arms

in eerie bloodied battlefields

of everyday struggles

still end in penetrating pain

no-one sees, that no-one notices.

The fight is fought inside the mind

and brutally battered cells

suffer spiteful torturous touches

in sickly spinning silence

of brain confinement.

We can’t speak up, and

afraid to make real sounds

everything is mumbled.

Messages are stuffed in a bottle

and doomed to float to nowhere.

This is not the normal war.

This one is insidious,

an internal struggle

resulting in a deep, dark

and depraved bitterness.

This is a moratorium,

a sixties sit-in protest.

The reality like then

shows no-one listening.

When will I learn?

Ciao, till next time


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  1. Hi Barb!
    After all these years, I am still receiving your letters. Thank you.

    I met you at Viti’s cafe North Ward, many years ago, and yes, Barb, I’m still passionately struggling to learn this beautiful Italian language.

    On another subject, I’d like to tell you that I must use the bottom scroll bar in order to read your emails. Now whether this is because of my small 13″ laptop or something else, I don’t know, but I thought I’d tell you.

    You write beautifully Barbara, so I think you would be using “Grammarly” or some similar app.
    I have been using Grammarly for the last couple of years. It is only the Free Version, but I find it quite good, and adequate for my needs.

    Thank you, Barbara, and I hope to hear from you soon.


    • I’m not sure what you mean as I don’t use any app. I just write. And I am sorry I don’t know what the problem is with the scroll bar. My apologies but I really don’t know. Thank you though for reading and liking my work and taking the time to comment.

  2. FANTASTIC poem! It’s my favourite of yours yet. It really takes a turn and I think everyone could relate to it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel the same way as you feel with unkindness. I have stopped watching the news because all they show is unkind things. Even the national news waits until the last 2-3 minutes to show a heartfelt story, everything else is so depressing! Your poem was very thought provoking, nice job!

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