Roses and Doubts

old and young hand with rose

There are days I doubt all the work I have done, wonder why I lost time and energy because like most creative people I doubt myself. It is these doubts that led me to poetry because the beauty of poetry is the way it allows flexibility to say what we think in the way we think it. We can break rules – twisting words and bending grammar to suit our need.

That need is a driving force, demanding we express our emotions and thoughts.  And so, The Loner Red Rose from my Emotions in Existence and my The Emotions Anthology poetry books came about. This poem represents doubts, the kind we all have. Doubts are a human frailty but I believe putting those fears out there where they can be seen is healthy. After all those doubts come from fear, and hidden fear is hard to combat – something age helps us understand.

The Loner Red Rose

 I first saw you
in full bloom
surrounded by admirers
yet I foreshadowed gloom.
Yours, my friend.
I saw your end.
You were a rare beauty,
a crimson jewel perched high,
full, rich, hiding a splendid core.
You shone too bright to die
but sharp blades drew blood
and stupid me cried a flood.
Why this angst I asked myself?
All things must eventually fade.
I know all things have their time.
Bruised petals no longer have homage paid.
Yet this breaks my heart,
with such lingering pain.
Did the rose sit apart?
Did others think it vain?
I thought it lonely.
Perhaps instead, it chose a place
where it could pretend importance,
by flaunting its perfect face.
Did it flaunt, did it show pride,
or was it courage from inside.
Oh well, we do have to pay a price when misunderstood.
It matters not.
We, yes us, know that we are good,
don’t we?

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