Chilling Corner in June

Autumn is doing a great job of chasing Summer away and if I were anywhere but the tropics I would be starting to think about warmer clothes instead of looking longingly at things I probably won’t wear unless I go on holidays, and that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Reading however is another form of travel.

Knitting and Penny Reid

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance (Knitting in the City Book 1)      Marriage of Inconvenience: A Marriage of Convenience Romance (Knitting in the City Book 7)      Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns (Knitting in the City Book 8)

I love coats, scarves, hats, and all sorts of knits, in fact I was fairly good at knitting once upon a time. I think that was what drew me to Penny Reid’s The Knitting in the City series, a novel way for ladies to spend time together and learn about life, love and sex, and I nearly forgot, it all comes together with laughter, lots of laughter. Each book in the series is delightfully sexy, highlighting the value of friendships – a Sex in the City feel with wool and knitting needles, a basketful of affection and a charming freshness. But the thing I like the most is the way Penny Reid brings in difficult personalities and then opens our eyes to acceptance through her characters. Begin at the beginning and then keep going. Trust me, don’t skip one or you will miss the fun. When you are finished then pick anything else she has written – its good reading value.

Mixing genres with Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Red Zone by [Janet Elizabeth Henderson]            Bad Boy: Romantic Comedy (Scottish Highlands (Invertary) Book 5) by [janet elizabeth henderson]

Whilst I can love a series, I can be funny about following a series. I am always afraid the author will only change the names, and not the stories. Luckily, it doesn’t happen often and through my reading I have been lucky to discover some excellent reading like Janet Elizabeth Henderson’s Red Zone Series. Both the first and the second book of this wonderfully built dystopian world are so full of tension and excitement that waiting for number three is exasperating but so worth it. The other lovely thing with this author is how well she handles different genres. Her Scottish Highlands Invertary Series is humorous, sexy, and plain good reading. Try her Bad Boy.

World-building with Zoe Marriot

For a change of pace, and away from reading a series there is The Hand, The Eye and The Mind  by Zoe Marriot. I love this author. Her writing is almost poetic yet maintains a smooth pace and the world-building is exquisite, particularly in this last book. A fairy tale atmosphere co-exists with something real but fragile particularly in the relationships displayed throughout her writing and it fosters a connection, and I am all about connections. If you don’t read this one, then pick any one you want, and I promise it will be difficult to be disappointed.

Australian Delight

House of Wishes: Three wishes, three mothers, three generations: Dandelion House is ready to reveal its secrets. by [Jenn J. McLeod]House of Wishes by Jenn J. McLeod is another delight.  It is rural, contemporary romance and family drama all in one. There is real warmth in every page, and I love that she is Australian like Jenny Schwartz who I featured in Chilling Corner in February.

Samantha Marshall is another Aussie I follow. I loved her Sorcery and Stardust (The Weaver’s War Book 1) where so much happens that it seems to explode off the page and all of it is magic and fun. I am looking forward to Sorcery and Sandstorms Book 2 later this month. Her paranormal novel Tobias’ Spark (The Kin Chronicles Book 2) has the addition of blood lust and sexual tension and a fair share of warmth and family feel. When you add humour into the mix along with a smooth even pace,  you have a combination hard to resist.
Sorcery and Stardust (The Weaver's War Book 1)  Sorcery and Sandstorms (The Weaver's War Book 2)  Tobias’ Spark (The Kin Chronicles Book 2)

A final word

At the risk of repeating myself, I will remind you I am not a reviewer. Reviewers work hard at a what they do. I am a reader and because I also aspire to write I look for books that can make the reading experience an enjoyable one for both the chilling out experience and the research the books provide.

I read because books can make us forget the world for a short time, and I need that to soothe the anxiety that too often takes over.  When I find books that do this, I like to share, and they are not necessarily new books either.

Curling up with a good read for a little while is nice. It’s not running away; it’s just taking time out so we can brave what life throws at us.

Till next month,



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