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Lia balcony

I am really drawn to audio books but like much else in my current life, affordability hampers, at least for now. I have got around the problem by using my iPad and an app I discovered thanks to my beautiful eldest granddaughter (she thinks I am crazy because I think she is a tech genius for doing what she considers pretty lame), and my ability to risk making a fool of myself just to see how something turns out.

Consequently, I have read a piece from my Unexpected Obsession contemporary romance and am presenting it this post. I chose it because it gives give insight into the confusion my hero experiences with his failure to control his emotions where Lia is concerned. Nico is a logical person, and really doesn’t understand her attraction when she is the opposite to what he admires.

Do I do my piece justice? Well, I am learning a lot in the process, and I’m not too silly as I have included  the text below, so you have a choice to read, or listen. I do know I want to do an audio eventually, and that will suffice for now.

In the meantime, I am getting a feel for things, and just to keep it interesting I am including a link to my pintrest account for the novel. The rustic Sicilian setting is a lovely contrast to Sydney, its inner suburbs and of course the beautiful Centennial Park complete with ducks and array of native flowers. I can only hope the story board I created reflects my pride in my country and my heritage. I truly think it is a smorgasbord of visuals presenting two very different worlds, one modern and the other a mixture of Gothic, Byzantine, Roman and Greek architectural charm. Not quite like being there but it doesn’t hurt either.

Travel is my love affair but these days I am limited to what I can do physically myself but certainly my characters are far from limited and hopefully they will allow us to share a little bit of the world they inhabit.

An extract:

Nico wanted to read her like a book so that he could distance himself. He couldn’t. What was it about her? She was just a little above average height, full breasted but quite slender. Her hands were long and elegant, which was just as well considering the amount of talking she did with them. Her nose was smallish and a nice shape, her lips full. Everything he liked was there, reminding him of a very young Monica Bellucci, only even better. He was obsessed. He had to be.
Nico pulled himself from his thoughts to the woman in front of him. Her skin, though sporting a light golden tan, still managed a porcelain delicacy. The tiny dusting of freckles across her nose and cheekbones added sweetness to her expression. She watched and waited quietly, soft lips slightly parted. Nico suspected she understood this need to analyse her. He drew in a breath. She was exquisite he thought, exquisite. Everything about her came together to form this little bit of perfection he had hungered for all his life, without ever knowing he was in need, of sustenance.
She kept very still. His kiss, when it came, was all consuming. She clung tightly to the whirling emotions until, with a gentle stroke to her cheek with his thumb; he moved away and left the room. She stood there for a long time, her mind a blank. It was better that way. Thinking might provide answers, but did she want to ask the questions, did she even know what they were?






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