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Fae Divided (A Fae Touched Novella): Paranormal Romance (Fae Touched 1.5) by [Roman, Lisa Rae]

I often talk about a fresh look, a new twist, or even an original feel. It’s difficult to be original. With so much media access there isn’t much we don’t know or haven’t seen before, but that new is always so enticing and we search hard for it, and some of us work hard to try and create it. In the fashion world, some of us add the scarf, the shoes, a quirky piece of jewellery, that extra something to enhance a feeling of different. Writers devote their lives to the manipulation of familiar words with the aim of creating the new. How do those people make it happen?

Well, if I knew I would tell you but I am still looking for the answer. I do know that dedication to create, and a love for their craft plays a big part, as does a strong awareness of their readers. My last post introduced an author who chose to give a twist to vampires and werewolves; this post the Fae take centre stage curtesy of Lisa Rae Roman. I have just downloaded her next book Fae Divided and am looking forward to reading it. I really loved her first book and I am pretty sure I won’t be disappointed in this new one. In the meantime here is a little about  Lisa by Lisa.

An image posted by the author.At 57, Fae Touched is my debut novel. It was a long time coming. Although I loved to read and would revise the stories inside my head more often than not, it never crossed my mind to take a shot at a career in writing. I became a nurse instead, married young, and had three daughters under five by the age of twenty-six. I read whenever I had the time, which was mostly at night, gravitating toward Historical Romance and Epic Fantasy.

As my girls started heading off to college, I developed chronic insomnia, and reading became a way to pass the hours quietly while my husband slept. I flew through at least three or four books a week, continuing to re-imagine how I would have written them if I were the author. Ideas started forming, and I began to write for fun (a half-done romantic fantasy manuscript is shoved inside a cupboard somewhere in my house). And then, my online reading group hosted a small writing contest. It was the first time I allowed anyone other than family to read my work, and although it was scary putting myself out there, my short story won! The positive responses, my official empty-nester status along with the recent emergence of independent publishing and a supportive spouse got me thinking maybe I could do this thing.

Fae Touched (Fae Touched Book 1): Paranormal Romance by [Roman, Lisa Rae]

Although I adore a love story in almost any genre, my author’s heart leaned toward the paranormal. It’s the perfect combination of romance and fantasy if you ask me, and there are no limitations beyond my imagination. A genre where society’s rules, traditions, niceties, and politics don’t apply unless I want them too, and the constraints of an individual’s physical strengths, gender, or age are negated by the inclusion of the greatest of equalizers—magic.

When I was developing the concept of my first novel, I asked myself one question, “Where would magic originate if it were real?”

The realm of Faery, of course! I took the premise that if the Fae Folk of Irish mythology weren’t just legend but existed in truth, what impact would they have on Earth? And how would a species created, or touched, by the magic of the Fae live alongside untouched humanity? Three years and so many edits later that I lost count, Fae Touched was unleashed into the digital ether.

Lisa Rae RomanI have an entire series set in the Fae Touched world planned with each book focusing on a different couple. Fae Divided, a novella featuring James and Sarah is out now, and a full-length novel is scheduled for release late summer of 2020. And of course, we will see more of Abby and Samuel down the road as their tale’s not done yet.

My books will always include unapologetic alpha males, brave heroines, a bit of cursing, a little violence, some steamy scenes, and a happily ever after—or what would be the point? I’ve been reading since I was five years old, wanting to write since I was seventeen. It has only taken the better part of four decades to launch my first book. But hey, now I’m on a roll! Check out my website and feel free to contact me.

Looking for an enjoyable read. Try Lisa and let me know what you think, I would to hear from you and swap ideas.
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