The Circle of Life – not about Simba

fuzzy water colourThe circle of life is an expression these days we don’t think twice about, literally we don’t stop to think about what it means, or we associate it with The Lion King. There is nothing wrong with the latter, it is a great production in its now many forms, but that expression is so much more than appears and it holds so much meaning for us as humans.

A circle is a cycle and a cycle is meant to be continuous. Think about clouds and rain and evaporation and condensation. Water rises, clouds get heavy and rain happens – that is the supposed pattern and yet that is not how the world is operating. Well it is, but there is now a constant deviation from the normal and nature is not reacting as it once did.

Something to think about, isn’t it? When I sit down to write I don’t consciously think about a topic and these days it frightens me where my thoughts lead. They are disjointed like an impressionist painting, like the photo I have used. We see the image and yet there is a fog so we don’t see as clearly as we think.  What are your thoughts?

The Circle of Life

Life is a cycle, the perfect sphere.
So why does my heart react in fear?
Have you seen The Lion King?
Yes, that cartoon thing,
that has been turned into a stage play,
and possibly even a movie, someday.
Do you wonder why I ask?
Do you think I have a connected task?
Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.
Maybe I’ll tell you, maybe I won’t.
Seriously, what’s there to discuss?
Why would I consider making a fuss?
It’s the circle of life, you see,
The one that spins around me,
on its axis, trailing the sun
and certainly not having much fun.
We have forgotten the circle of life
and instead concentrate on strife.
We take and we take.
The circle falters.
The shape alters.
We take and we take.
The plants die,
the land is dry.
We take and we take.
The oceans swell,
as trees we fell.
We take and we take.
Nature watches, fears for her creatures,
sighs at the destruction of her features.
Our creatures, our features we arrogantly say
standing apart, the human way.
We have forgotten the circle of life,
concentrating instead, on causing strife.
We take and we take.
Until finally, the circle we break.


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