Chilling Corner in December

Chilling seems such a strange word to use this month considering the current climate. I live in Townsville, North Queensland which for those who may not know is in Australia’s tropics, and of course we are the opposite season down here in the Southern Hemisphere. To me the chilling connotation is one of cosy corners, full of warmth and a good book and coffee close at hand.

The reality is hot days in air-conditioning if you are fortunate, or if not, a body of water would be nice. What really matters is the relaxation and nothing can give you that feeling the way a good book can. This month is another mixed bag, perhaps a little more so than normal.

My Commander (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 1) by [Alder, Alanea]

As I write this, I wonder at my ability to like books that are so different but then I have always had the eclectic bent. There is so much to like and share. Of course, I do have strong favourites, but mostly this purely the sharing of some wonderful ways to pass a little time.

I will start with a favourite series of mine, Bewitched and Bewildered and I hope some of you might find is as lovely and sweet, romantic, ridiculous and charming as I did. If I could choose a word, I would say this series is so nice and I know many of you would argue my use of the word, considering it lame but sometimes some things are just that, nice and give such a good feeling. Try it and see how delightful this series can be in lifting the spirit.

The song Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, an oldie but a goodie, is one I associate with poor Aiden when he meets Meryn in My Commander, Book 1 of the series. She does his head in despite the attraction. My favourite version of the song is by Rita Hayworth in the movie Pal Joey, a wonderful film starring Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak with the ageless Rita almost stealing the show. (It’s a delight and I have included the YouTube clip below).

Computer nerds and hot sex makes Brother’s Keeper II: Liam a fun read in contemporary romance. The Chicago Rebel Series featuring a hockey team and three very different women who just happen to be sisters is full of  hot steamy scenes and a very good plot.  They are stand-alone but it’s too easy to grab the next book. Start with Irresistible You and see what happens.

Brother's Keeper II: Liam by [St. Klaire, Stephanie] Irresistible You (The Chicago Rebels Series Book 1) by [Meader, Kate]

Lastly Little Dove is an often graphic, edgy and raw read. I kept this one for last because it is a little different and at first, I wasn’t too sure, but it grew on me and I was so glad I gave it a chance. Let me know what you think.

Little Dove: Emotional, Gritty Romance by [Decker, KC]

And if historical romances are your thing then this month, I have included Beauty and the Brooding Lord for its abundance of charm. The Elusive Earl: Saints & Scoundrels Series is another book with once again, the charm. I think this has to do with the period they are set in although if we look close at those times the charm lessens. I taught History (not my subject area) for a few semesters and although I knew a little from my own schooling, the standards of living were a little scary when you go into extra details of the era, not that much has changed in some parts of the world. But I think that is the beautiful quality of books like these, they offer romantic fantasies but at the same time, they offer little hints of reality.

The Elusive Earl (Saints & Scoundrels Book 2)

Beauty And The Brooding Lord (Saved from Disgrace Book 2)

It’s up to us whether we choose reading purely as escapism, or whether we choose to file a little knowledge away for a later date. I do both, what about you?

Till next month, and happy New Year for 2020.




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