Forgotten Magic, a look at nature from Emotions in Eruption

photo-1517122161166-ea3cb10c2e53Thought I would do a poem this post. I have used nature as my muse in all three of my books, Emotions in Eruption, Emotions in Evolution and my new one Emotions in Existence. I am convinced if we allowed it, nature would enrich our lives to an extent that would surprise us. It’s not that we don’t appreciate but we are so busy that too often we really don’t take the time to smell the flowers. It’s a proven fact people heal quicker when exposed to greenery, to plants and trees, and to the delicate new buds the change of seasons brings.

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How could you not? Just the fragrances alone are so soothing to the soul. One of my favourites is the rose and when the day comes, I start earning money through my writing, I am going to buy myself a perfume I have been eyeing off for the last five years. The bottle is a pale pink and a piece of art and worth the wait.


In the music of your silence

comes the perfect peace as

green and grasping you

touch my soul with your

magical root-centred existence.


The darkness you inhabit

Is dense and full-bodied holding

fears in perspective for

underneath hungrily avid is

life in rainbow-coloured glory.


I may never get the

chance to see your

undoubted splendour for I live

ensnared, by different choices.

Nevertheless, I hope.


Ciao until next time,

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