Complicated is best achieved by simplicity. Look at colours.

Last month I spoke about The Colour Connection and on looking back I can’t help but reflect how much colours are like families. I looked at a simple thought and applied it to life; it became complicated. It is the blending that creates the new and that process is complicated, but the rewards are plentiful. How wonderful to see the differences evolve and how difficult it then becomes to choose favourites. Instead, we widen our perspective because each and every new colour has its own personality, its own appeal yet the origin is shared giving it an extra edge, an emotional one. Pity we can’t see other humans in the same manner.

The fascination of colour is still with me. More so this month than last month as I have felt off-colour, not Covid but my immune system is taking a definite hit. Strangely and perhaps wrongly my own words brighten my outlook. My words reflect what I see, and I see that complicated is best achieved by simplicity. Look at Nature. With a deft hand, the resulting mixtures are incredibly beautiful and most of all, their own entity. All it takes is three primary colours – blue, red, and yellow and from there we build. Simple is best if you want to create the complicated but what do I mean by complicated? Depth? Emotions?

Having established the primary colours, I couldn’t help wanting to give The Secondary or what I refer to as The Offspring words of their own. Blue and yellow become green, red and yellow become orange, and then we have blue and red turning our world purple. How amazing is that process when we look at the skies at sunset, at lava flowing or any forest?

From these simple thoughts, I went a little mad. Perhaps that is the reason I called the poetry book this comes from – Emotions in Evolution. Stayed tuned for The Mix or what I think of as the resulting generation next month.

The Secondary – The Offspring


Green, green, nature’s might.

Lemon-skinned lime with an olive bite.

Apple streaks, emerald lights

of harmony and nurturing sights,

and legacies of honoured heights.

Nature cleanses so humans survive

the poison to our breathing

that growls, harshly seething

as green velvet keeps us alive.

In return we lack appreciation

and the beauty we abound in

shows a depreciation,

an almost unearthly sin.


Superb sunset and

stunning sunrise.

Orange is flamboyant,

a hostess for nature’s

more excitable moments.

Desert stone takes on a fiery

festive assertion

standing proud in

Australian territory.

Fire glow and heat provider

fuelling volcanic tempers

changing adventurous rumblings

into exhibitionist explosions.

You feed red; you ignore green

but peach softens your reaction

while proud amber seeks

jewelled superficial satisfaction

and is blind to the power of blue.

Communication is on your terms,

opportunist confidence only too true.


Purple, you tell a story

with richness and splendour.

From mystic amethyst gracing

the human with glory

to the majesty of deep magenta

and the violet stained-glass placing.

Purple, you inspire the imagination.

Yet with an arrogant stance

your hues turn into deluded grandeur

fraught with pompous, cynical corruption

until deep spirituality asks for a dance

and you forgive the immature.

In fields of flowers, lilac dwells

with heather hills in competition.

The lavender evening sky stakes a claim

then sunset’s royal shade preens and swells.

Dignified, it allows evening succession

from the mauve palette to dark plum fame.

See you next time,


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  1. Stunning poem Barb! I love the way you’ve related each colour to the world and the various emotions they evoke. Beautifully done. I hope you feel on colour again soon! 🙏

  2. Love these poems, Barb! My favorite color is blue, but I have always been fascinated by any and all colors. I remember as a small child mixing watercolor paints, the wax streaks of crayons, and even the scratches of colored pencils, just to see what new shades would reveal themselves to my eager eyes. It’s well documented how colors impact our psychology, emotional states and even mental patterns. I feel as if I should pay more attention to colors in general, especially after reading this post!

    • Thank Amelia. I think we don’t pay attention to the things around us the way we should. Everything is a teaching curve. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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