Book Corner Chilling in May

Sometimes I feel so blessed being a reader. Seriously, where else can you enter different worlds without leaving home.


Helen Scheuerer’s young adult series The Oremere Chronicles is a joy. Once I had read the first book, I was lucky enough to read the free stories Helen offered. Honestly, I would have paid, and sincerely believe this author will go far. Her writing is beautiful, her characters incredibly appealing especially the females and there is excitement, emotion and action aplenty. The third book comes out soon and is one of the rare books I don’t have a problem with pre-ordering. The last YA fantasy I enjoyed this much, was by author April White (more on her later in the year).

Heart of Mist

Reign of Mist

The other books on this month’s reading corner are very different both from each other, and The Oremere Chronicles.

The Kiss QuotientThe Kiss Quotient handles differences beautifully. As someone whose mind never shuts down, I enjoyed this immensely and the romantic in me couldn’t help but love anyone who can accept those differences that often set us lonely apart.

Lucid DreamingIn the same vein Lucid Dreaming was also a very good read. Differences are what we make of them and maybe it’s time for us to wisen up, and revel in them.



A Perfect Stone

A Perfect Stone is an insight into displaced people and tugs at the heart for different, dare I say differences?  This time it is where you come from, the language you speak, the heritage you are born to, that hold centre court.

I hope you give these books a try. Traditional publishing or self-publishing, this genre or that genre? You know, none of it matters. What does matter is that the books engage and offer the reader a good time.

Ciao for now



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