Distractions of the Heart (from Emotions in Eruption)

This is my take on relationships and their often-volatile natures. In this poem I guess the romantic in me, surfaces but finds itself in constant battle with reality because love is too often a rocky road for many of us. It would be wonderful if that were not the case, but it is not always easy to have faith and trust in another human being. As much as I would love a happy ending like everyone else the truth is relationships are dependent on our behaviour and that of others. Sometimes it meshes and sometimes. I think that is why my romance is more about the relationship than the falling in love. The falling in love is easy, the maintenance so much harder but the heart seeks the distraction and who knows it may just be all that our romantic heart desires.

Distractions of the Heart

 Abandonment of all those dreams,

concentration instead on schemes.

Forget the longing and heart-felt yearning,

the future beckons and the wheels are turning.

But I whisper to the wind distracted,

maybe this time I will not be compacted.

Liar, Liar, inside your mind you shout,

this is not the end of the drought.

You are hoping,

you are moping,

you are not ready for another coping.


This time it will be different,

you are not swimming against the current.

You came to this with some insight,

you fought a brave and gallant fight.

But I whisper to the wind in sweet rapture,

will loving slowly prevent the fracture?

Liar, Liar, inside your mind you shout,

do not go there and forget to doubt.

You are running,

he is cunning,

you are not ready for another gunning.


What do I do then with this Distraction?

Do I turn away from the Attraction?

And so, I do my whispering to the wind,

And hope with all my heart this time he will not rescind.

I am a fool to make this admission.

I cannot help myself, I want remission.


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