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My determination to keep my blog interesting has me coming up with a variety of ideas. Sometimes though it is about my novel and using music to give insight into my couple in Unexpected Obsession, is so much fun. I get to play with some of the older Italian songs like this one. I grew up listening to some beautiful songs and I guess I could say, they don’t make them like this anymore. There is something about the melodic flow of the words and music – a perfect harmony to the ear that tugs on our emotions. Then again I do like a lot of the modern as well, Italian or otherwise and will be using them as my series grows.

My hero is a difficult man, too often a man hard to like but there are moments when all that he is, makes it worthwhile. This is exactly what the song is all about, the moments Nico becomes Grande, grande.

I think sometimes the intention is what matters and some of us are not good at showing what we feel. Too often actions come across as arrogance when the intention was the very opposite. Lucky for romance, Lia sees beyond the actions even if her frustration threatens to get the better of her. This version of the song Grande, grande comes from Mina.  I love the way the Seventies is reflected in her hair and makeup but her voice is universal.  I have included a translation of the chorus (not perfect but designed to capture the essence). It gives insight into Lia’s mind as she considers the man and the way he thinks.

My friends think they have the life
they are wrong, real life is what you bring to me
Even at war I feel alive with you
I hate you, love you, hate you, love you
Don’t ever leave me
You are incredible in the way only you can be
Don’t ever leave me.

I have also included a small extract:

unnamed (2)

After he had gone Lia sat with her weak, non-coffee coffee, staring into space. It had cost her every bit of self-control she possessed not react, to keep her face impassive. She had what she wanted. Marco was the best, and she wanted the best. With Nico you had to tread carefully and wait, trusting in his sense of fair-play. Why is it then, he still surprises me?

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