Keeping a blog interesting

My determination to keep my blog interesting has me coming up with a variety of ideas. Sometimes though it is about my novel and using music to give insight into my couple in Unexpected Obsession, is so much fun. I get to play with some of the older Italian songs like this one. I grew up listening to some beautiful songs and I guess I could say, they don’t make them like this anymore. There is something about the melodic flow of the words and music – a perfect harmony to the ear that tugs on our emotions. Then again I do like a lot of the modern as well, Italian or otherwise and will be using them as my series grows.

My hero is a difficult man, too often a man hard to like but there are moments when all that he is, makes it worthwhile. This is exactly what the song is all about, the moments Nico becomes Grande, grande.

I think sometimes the intention is what matters and some of us are not good at showing what we feel. Too often actions come across as arrogance when the intention was the very opposite. Lucky for romance, Lia sees beyond the actions even if her frustration threatens to get the better of her. This version of the song Grande, grande comes from Mina.  I love the way the Seventies is reflected in her hair and makeup but her voice is universal.  I have included a translation of the chorus (not perfect but designed to capture the essence). It gives insight into Lia’s mind as she considers the man and the way he thinks.

My friends think they have the life
they are wrong, real life is what you bring to me
Even at war I feel alive with you
I hate you, love you, hate you, love you
Don’t ever leave me
You are incredible in the way only you can be
Don’t ever leave me.

I have also included a small extract:

unnamed (2)

After he had gone Lia sat with her weak, non-coffee coffee, staring into space. It had cost her every bit of self-control she possessed not react, to keep her face impassive. She had what she wanted. Marco was the best, and she wanted the best. With Nico you had to tread carefully and wait, trusting in his sense of fair-play. Why is it then, he still surprises me?

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Love letters and the past

Change of life

When I began writing my second poetry book, Emotions in Evolution, I found myself looking back at previous work, then at my life in the past and wondering how much the past does shape our future, and how does the process work.

I guess, we look at what we wanted and compare it to where we are. Is there a huge difference? For me there is. To be honest I am disappointed in myself. I am nowhere near the place I had hoped I would be at this stage in life. On the other hand, I have done things I never imagined I would do, including writing poetry books.

I guess life has its own plans, and the only thing we can do is keep a positive spin no matter what road we travel. We can’t always know what to do, don’t always have the necessary knowledge and hence we do the best we can in the situation presented. I decided the best way to get over my feelings was to write myself a love letter showing myself some understanding. I was young and there was so much I didn’t know. What about you? Is your life what you hoped? Feel free to write in and let me know.

 A love letter to the girl that was

It starts as a rose bud.
Tiny tender petals
of youth, of not knowing,
until the bud explodes.
And the sweet, untouched flesh
bleeds with longing as it settles.
There were thorns that lingered,
thorns that pricked,
the unsuspecting digits.
Thorns, not only daring to grasp,
but arrogantly and greedily, fingered.
We took without asking,
assuming our fingerprints had rights
to the leaves of forever young, and
we tainted, misappropriated
while sunshine basking.

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Missed Opportunities or not?


Hard work is consuming all my energy. Fun seems to be stolen moments these days. There are so many different things to think about that at times I find myself double guessing every decision I make on this trip down writing career lane. It’s not the writing itself that concerns me but rather the constant accommodations I make for the writing and those that I don’t. It’s the same problem most people face when trying to fit in what they need to do in their working lives with their family and social demands.

For instance I just missed a wonderful opportunity to attend the RWA conference in Brisbane. This is the Romance Writers of Australia creating an ambiance of fun and learning and mutual support, a very rewarding experience. Of course I worried about the cost, the travel and accommodation and generally fitting it when I have children spread so many kilometres apart to visit, bills to pay, work, you know the usual. Suddenly this year became next year.

I have attended many workshops and gone to writers’ festivals but mixing socially and attending workshops for a couple days in one gigantic writing environment is on a different scale. So far in my writing, dare I call it career, I haven’t had the chance to attend a conference but just recently a post by Shayla Eaton caught my eye. She had attended a conference in Dallas and was thanking people for all the things she learned. . The feel of her post was very positive; of course it was because she’d had a boost of people in the same boat straight into her bloodstream. It, this injection of like-mindedness was running around, adrenaline directed, to become bee buzzingly motivating, and feeding writer strength and belief and confidence.

The strange thing was that as I read I realised her points applied as much to life as they did to writing. For instance, the fact that people “are looking for a novel that inspires them—not a perfect one” and that “perfect is the enemy of done” made a real impact. In striving for perfection in our lives enough is never enough. Having the home, the car, the toys, the travel, the kids activities, social media, attending the gym, meditating – goodness the list is vast, or should I say endless. These are just things to do, to have but do they sustain us? Don’t misunderstand; these are good things in their place. But, do they sustain us and keep us going? The older I get the more convinced I am that is inspiration that energises us and gives us balance. It pushes us to re-evaluate our decisions in terms of the real world constantly.

So if perfect prevents the doing then providing inspiration in our books is vital. Reminding people that living is more important than having is something to strive for and this slid right into the next point. “Don’t be afraid to show the world your book. They need to see it.” Remember this was a writer’s conference but writing is about life and all this means is we shouldn’t fear showing who we are and what we are capable of. If we have this courage then surely it will inspire others in their own fields. Too often we seem to be afraid to show people what we do because we fear their rejection, their criticism. We shouldn’t. The world needs to see the struggle and the end product. If it’s not to their liking it doesn’t matter. Accepting the challenge and getting to the finish line is what counts. The rest is individual taste and in this we differ.

And why shouldn’t we differ? It is natural to feel differently about things. It feeds the rhythm of our lives, keeps us moving to the beat. There is nothing like finding and being surrounded by like-minded people, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences to keep us up-lifted. I think my energy level would be higher if I had attended that conference.

Zombie wedding

Years ago I missed a dear friend’s wedding  and I also missed the things she had planned us to share pre-wedding, silly things, girly things. Whilst I know she did understand I think I missed a chance to really connect in a way that was special. See I knew the rocky path it took her to get there first hand.  I missed a rare opportunity for me to be inspired by what can happen.  I missed a chance to sustain her buoyancy.

I have finally finished the editing bar some small housekeeping bits and pieces and am ready for my re-uploading.  In fact I am hoping that the next two weeks will have the finished product out there in print as well as the polished version of the eBook. But I might have had the support of fellow writers and their advice had I gone to the conference, something I am sorely missing at the moment. Sometimes our choices are a quandary best not reflected upon.

I’d rather leave on a positive note and share some very good reading for you romantics out there. These are a couple of books that have kept my spirits up while I keep working hard. They have inspired me to choose inspiration every time.