Il Volo and a little bit of Italy

I am totally in love with the Sicilian group, Il Volo. The truth is I love anything Italian but these voices are magnificent, individually unique and yet they blend perfectly. You will find I will choose Il Volo often because of the emotion they are able to express so beautifully. Someone suggested I translate the words for reader ease. I am far from an expert and the Italian language does have a very distinct way of expressing emotions, but I have tried to the best of my ability to translate without losing the meaning. (see below)

This song came to mind when my lead Nico made the decision it would be better to exclude Lia from his life. I believe the words and music, even in Italian reflect a mood that can be felt without translating. There is a certain poignancy that speaks for itself.

Lia knows something is wrong, that perhaps the changes have been too much for Nico to cope with. She thinks given time she can change the status quo but unlike the song where the lyrics speak of the sadness, and of the change in the emotion the lover displays, Lia doesn’t say the words, or ask the questions, and doesn’t beg the lover not to leave, not to act. Sometimes we fear honesty. In choosing silence Lia doesn’t anticipate that the growing anxiety will lead Nico into a rash act that will hurt everyone involved.Lia 1 - CopyDoes it all sound ambiguous? Well, maybe I planned it this way just a little, so you may be tempted to seek out the book for answers.

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In English for those that have the need

We are here all alone
Like every night
But you’re sadder
And I know
Because maybe you want to tell me
You’re not happy
That I’m changing
And you want to leave me

I don’t know how to live
more than an hour without you
How can I last a lifetime
without You
You’re mine
You’re mine
Nothing ever can separate us

Come here to me and listen
I love you
Please stay here with me
I don’t know how to live
More than…


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