The Valentine, The Cynic and the Romantic

For someone that writes romance I can be cynical at times in my other life as a would-be-poet. Underneath that though as my books will testify (at least I certainly hope so) the romantic can’t help herself and has to speak up. The world is so much nicer when love leads the way.  Here’s one for the cynics and one for the hopefuls.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

romantic fantasy

Romantic Fantasy


One look and it seems


One touch and the magician


No doubts

No insecurities

Joy reigns

Bubbling infectious domino


My pillows hit the wooden floor

My mobile calls my name.

Ha! I was dreaming.

What a God damned shame!


The rose

Binary Opposition

We were a union made to explore

One heartbeat,

strong and sure.

A physicality to be admired,

a truism of mind and core.

One of us dissipated,

Melted, dissolved but essence

Remained and that one of us

Was left alone to

Inhabit that secret place.

Made to stay there,

Alone, afraid

and in the dark

To be ignored, deplored and

Hopefully let me escape your mark

Only to find I shudder, for you are

Ingrained, you colour my blood,

You are the language that explains me

And you have the right not

To be starved by my frightened soul.

Come, take your light.

Don’t be alone.

Join me now

For we are meant to be

And this time I will allow

Your Growth,

and I will

Not call your goodness weak,

And I will

not be afraid to love

Completely, unconditionally

With all that I am

for I am tired

And can no longer

 play the game


this broken stage

by myself.

Alla prossima,


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